How to Survive the Upcoming Retirement Crisis

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, August 10, 2017

It could become the worst financial crisis of our generation...

And it’s sitting right in front of us.

You see, over the next two decades, roughly 70 million baby boomers will retire.

And as Matt explained yesterday, from a financial standpoint, most of these folks are completely unprepared:

The average working-age American family has just $5,000 stashed away…

And nearly half of all families have no retirement savings at all.

Whether you have nothing saved at all, or you’re simply concerned that what you have isn’t enough, read on…

Because today, I’m going to introduce you to a strategy that could put thousands of extra dollars into your retirement account each month…

Even if you have little money to invest right now, or even if you have no money at all.

What You Need for a Comfortable Retirement

As you learned yesterday, a comfortable retirement requires a nest egg of at least $1 million.

But not too many folks have $1 million saved up:

As multiple studies have shown, the majority of Americans gearing up for retirement — generally speaking, those who are over 50 years old — have less than $50,000.

Once folks recognize that they’re “behind the eight ball,” they try to come up with a solution.

But as Matt showed you yesterday, the standard solution of investing in the stock market isn’t going to help — not with its 3% net returns.

Thankfully, other solutions exist…

And some of them could help rescue your retirement.

Get in Early

One of the quickest ways to get your retirement on track is to identify investments that offer above-average returns.

As one example, you could invest in early-stage private “start-ups.”

Research has shown that a diversified portfolio of private start-ups can return from 27% to 55% per year.

So even if you allocated just a tiny portion of your nest egg to this sort of investment, you could dramatically increase your overall returns.

In fact, according to a CNBC report, adding private equity to your portfolio gives you “an easy way to nearly double the equity return that your 401(k) is generating.”

Unfortunately, there’s a major drawback to this strategy:

To get started, you need at least a small amount of investment capital. So if you’re tight on capital, or you’re starting from scratch, you’re out of luck.

But that’s why Matt and I recently came up with a different solution:

Simply put, it’s a way to help investors like you get their retirement plans on track…

Even if you’re starting with little or no capital.

The “No Money Down” Solution

Matt and I devote much of our time and capital to early-stage investments…

But we make other types of investments, too.

And recently, while we were searching for non-traditional investments that could deliver big returns, we were able to identify dozens of under-the-radar strategies — the types of strategies that could add thousands of dollars to your nest egg each month.

To be clear, these strategies have nothing to do with start-ups or early-stage investing…

But they can be just as beneficial to your portfolio.

And the best part is, you don’t need any experience to get these strategies to work for you — and in many cases, you don’t need any capital, either.

For example, our colleague Ben Schott — who isn’t an experienced or wealthy investor — has been using one of these strategies to earn about $4,264 per month.

And Matt used one of these strategies to add $13,326 to his bank account in a single month.

If you’re a member of our Income Unlimited service, you’re already familiar with some of these unique investment strategies.

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Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan



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