Sit Back, Relax — and Earn Thousands in Free Income

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, December 5, 2019

Imagine settling into your coziest living room chair…

Pouring a tall drink…

And turning on the TV to see that your favorite movie just started.

It doesn’t get much better than this, right?

Well, what if I told you that, in the midst of all this enjoyment, you could be earning thousands of dollars at the same time?

It might sound too good to be true. But this scenario is 100% real…

And as you’re about to learn, you could start taking advantage of it today.

Let Me Introduce You to Sandy

Before I reveal more about this powerful income-generating strategy, let me introduce you to someone:

Her name is “Sandy” — or, as she’s more commonly known, Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy hit New York on October 29th, 2012. According to Business Insider, it was the “worst storm to hit the area since at least [the year] 1700.”

It dropped over 14 feet of water on lower Manhattan, and it left millions of residents without power, cell phone lines, or the Internet.

People had no way to get in touch with their loved ones, or to get access to emergency info.

But for residents of a tiny neighborhood in Brooklyn, it was quite a different story…

A Peer-to-Peer Network Saves the Day

When Sandy hit and the Internet went down, a small group of technologists in an old industrial neighborhood called Red Hook sprang into action.

They set up a “peer-to-peer” network called a “local mesh network.” This enabled residents to connect to each other’s computers directly, so they could communicate.

Everyone else was trying to get online the traditional way: by connecting to a single server. But since that single server wasn’t working, they were out of luck.

Here’s an image that shows a traditional network versus a peer-to-peer network:

As you can see, in the peer-to-peer network, there’s no “middleman.”

So there’s no single point of failure!

This Could be Huge

This type of peer-to-peer technology is a big deal…

The next time a natural disaster occurs — or God forbid, if there’s a terrorist strike — it could keep people online and connected.

This explains why Grandview Research estimates that, by 2025, such networks could turn into a market worth $11 billion.

It also explains why venture capitalists are pouring money into this sector. For example, Union Square Ventures just invested $15 million into a peer-to-peer networking startup.

And as it turns out, you could profit from this deal, too.

Let me explain…

Introducing: Helium

Union Square Ventures is one of the most successful venture firms in the country.

It was an early investor in billion-dollar startups like Twitter and Tumblr.

And now it’s invested in a peer-to-peer networking startup called Helium.

Simply put, Helium has built a drop-dead simple device that acts as a “hot spot.”

Once you put the device in your home, people in your neighborhood can connect to each other instantly.

This device is a major breakthrough. You see, when the Red Hook technologists set up their network during Hurricane Sandy, they encountered huge problems. For example:

  • They had to create their own custom software.
  • They were forced to rely on inefficient hardware and unsecure connections.
  • People had to pay huge electricity bills.

But Helium fixes all of these problems in one fell swoop. In fact, during an emergency, a Helium network could mean the difference between life and death.

And that’s why Helium wants to incentivize you to set one up…

New Crypto: Helium Tokens

Simply put, if you set up a Helium network, you can earn real money.

Here’s how it works:

  • Helium has created a crypto-currency called Helium Tokens.
  • To earn these coins, you just need to set up and maintain a Helium network.
  • Then, in the future, once these coins start trading on a crypto exchange, you can exchange them for dollars.

Keep in mind: to get started, you’ll need to pay a few hundred dollars for the Helium device.

But once you own the device, you essentially have a source of free income.

Cash-in on Cryptos Today

To learn more, simply visit Helium’s website here »

Also, keep an eye on your email inbox starting next Monday…

That’s when we’ll be sharing another way for you to earn profits from cryptos…

And with this strategy, there are zero costs to get started.

This is a way for you to get free cryptos — without putting up a penny of your own cash.

We’ll explain more next Monday.

So stay tuned!

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan


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