This Tiny Machine Could Save the Gov't Billions

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, September 6, 2018

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

So after you see the “old way / new way” photo below, maybe I can cut today’s essay short… maybe I can just show you how to invest in the “new way” and call it a day.


You see, what you’re looking at here are two engines…

The enormous heap on the left is an ordinary internal combustion engine. It produces 35 horsepower.

But the new one on the right — despite being 20% the size — produces 40 horsepower.

Let me explain why this new technology is so revolutionary…

Then I’ll show you how it could put some profits in your pocket.

Gas (and Money) Guzzlers

In order to understand why this new technology is so important, first you need to understand the problem with current engines.

The internal combustion engine — which powers everything from cars to lawn mowers — has remained virtually unchanged since it was invented almost 140 years ago.

The reason it’s so large is because it has so many parts: rods, pistons, lifters, cylinders, rockers valves, you name it…

And it’s those same parts that make it so inefficient.

You see, the internal combustion engine is just “20% efficient.”

That means only 20% of the energy it creates can be used to move your car forward or rotate the blades on your lawnmower. The other 80% is wasted.

This also means you’re wasting 80% of the fuel you put into these machines.

The average U.S. driver buys more than 600 gallons of gas every year…

So with gas at about $2.83 a gallon, every year, you’re throwing away $1,358.

The Biggest Consumer of Fuel on the Planet

Even for just one person, that’s a lot of money to throw away…

But for an army of people, it really adds up.

For example, the world’s largest consumer of fuel is the U.S. military. Each year, it uses over 3.5 billion gallons of gas — that adds up to $10 billion per year.

And because traditional combustion engines are only 20% efficient, the military is throwing away about $8 billion per year.

Furthermore, even a small increase in the price of oil could have a big financial impact — for example, a 10% increase would cost tax payers an extra $1 billion every year.

And that’s why the military is so intrigued with the revolutionary engine you saw earlier…

Breakthrough: The X-Engine Technology

It’s called the “X-Engine.”

The company behind it is called Liquid Piston, created by father & son team Nick and Alec Shkolnik.

As you can see below, the X-Engine is much smaller and simpler than a traditional combustion engine…


It’s the size of an iPhone, and it only has a couple of moving parts:

This simplicity makes it extremely efficient at turning fuel into energy. In fact, studies have shown it’s 100% more efficient than internal combustion engines.

This one innovation alone could save the U.S. military billions of dollars each year.

Why the U.S. Gov’t is Putting Millions into This Company

Given how much money it could save by using the X-Engine, the U.S. Department of Defense has been eager to fund Liquid Piston’s development and get it “ready for battle.”

DARPA (the R&D arm of the Department of Defense) has already committed $2.5 million, and the Army's Rapid Innovation Fund has already committed $3 million.

But the military isn’t just funding Liquid Piston because it can help save money…

It’s also funding it because it can help save lives. You see, the less fuel we need on the front lines, the safer our troops will be.

For example, according to a study by consulting giant Deloitte, between 2005 and 2009, attacks on fuel convoys in Afghanistan accounted for 38% of all U.S. war casualties.

With the X-Engine’s game-changing fuel efficiency, we need to get this device to the front lines as soon as possible.

This is an exciting and important company and technology…

And it could also be a profitable investment — let me explain…

Put Your Money Alongside the U.S. Military’s

LiquidPiston is currently raising $1 million to help fund its growth.

We evaluated this company two years ago. In fact, in October of 2016, during an earlier investment round, we recommended it to our Private Market Profits members.

At the time, its shares were priced much lower. But today, because of the company’s progress, its shares have become more expensive.

Its valuation today is $35 million. Since most successful startup “exits” take place at $100 million or less, one could argue that the valuation is high.

That being said, plenty of military-technology companies have been acquired at higher levels. For instance, in 2013, Boston Dynamics — which makes autonomous vehicles for the military — was acquired for $500 million.

To decide if you’d like to claim a stake in Liquid Pistons, we recommend that you look into this company for yourself.

You can learn more about it (and potentially invest) here »

Happy investing.

Please note: Crowdability has no relationship with Liquid Piston, or with any of the companies or platforms we write about. Crowdability is an independent provider of education, information and research on start-ups and alternative investments.

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan



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