Three Ways To Earn "Crash-Proof Cash Flow"

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Enough about the coronavirus impacting your health… your income… your plummeting retirement account.

We’re about to offer you something different: solutions.

I’m talking about financial solutions not just to help you survive this storm…

But to help you thrive.

Five Years of Solutions

For more than five years, our mission at Crowdability has been simple:

To help people like you take advantage of investments that are outside the stock market.

Some of these “off-market” investments are in private startups, where investors have historically earned returns that are up to 10x larger than the stock market averages.

But not all of them are in startups…

Market-Beating Private Income

You see, for every investment in the public market, there’s a private-market equivalent.

For example:

  • In the public stock market, you have stocks that trade on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq — and in the private market, you have startup shares.
  • In the public real estate market, you have REITs — and in the private market, you have private real estate deals.
  • In the public bond market, you have government and corporate bonds… while in the private market, you have private bonds.

Earlier, I mentioned that investors in private startups have historically earned returns that are up to 10x the stock market average.

The thing is, it’s the same story for every private investment.

Let me show you what I mean…

Private Real Estate’s Double-Digit Returns

First let’s look at real estate:

Public REITs have gotten clobbered even harder than the overall stock market lately.

That’s because public real estate companies have the highest level of debt of any sector in the S&P. And investors do not like debt right now. It creates too much risk.

But even still, the average yield on a REIT is just 3% or 4%. That barely beats inflation.

Now compare that to the yields of private real estate. Private REITs are currently offering yields that approach double-digits or even more.

And meanwhile, many individual private deals offer returns of 20% and higher.

And Double-Digit Returns from The Bond Market…

It’s the same story with bonds:

In the public bond market, after inflation, you’d be lucky not to lose money right now:

The 30-year Treasury bond offers a return of just 1.35%.

But in the private bond market, you can still earn double-digit yields.

Perhaps surprisingly, these returns aren’t a secret.

It’s just that you haven’t heard of them before…

Become Wealthy — In Any Environment

In fact, I can almost guarantee you haven’t heard about these investments from your friends, your family, or even your stockbroker.

But many of the wealthiest Americans — the “one-percenters” — have been taking advantage of them for decades.

Furthermore, they’ve been taking advantage of them both in good economic times and in horrible times like we’re facing right now.

This is how the wealthy manage not just to survive the bad times, but to thrive.

And now it’s time for you to join them…

Join Us Next Thursday

Next Thursday, April 23rd, we’ll be hosting a special event…

We’re calling it our “Crash-Proof Cash Flow” Investor Briefing.

During this live (online) Briefing, we’ll be revealing how you could collect $1,447... $2,553... even $5,211… every month — regardless of what the stock market is doing.

Furthermore, we’ll be explaining everything you need to know about these investments, including how to access them.

These are the once-secret strategies of the wealthiest Americans. And as I mentioned earlier, they’ve been proven to work in good times and in bad.

So, if you’re worried about how you’ll pay the bills as this market deteriorates, and you’re worried about your retirement, you must attend this event.

For Crowdability members, it’s free to join. But you need to register in advance.

Click here now to lock in your spot »

Happy Investing

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner

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