Time to Buy Bitcoin Again?

By Crowdability, on Friday, November 6, 2015

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 [Video] Google’s Drone Delivers a Treat

Google’s gearing up to launch “Project Wing,” its drone delivery service. Check out this video of its drone delivering dog treats to a farmer in Australia. Woof!

Work Lying Down

If you thought standing desks were extreme, wait until you see this. Not only does this workstation allow you to sit and stand, but it also has a “focus mode,” where you can be completely horizontal. Work on your zzz’s here.

Now You Can Invest in Start-ups

Last Friday, the SEC voted to approve Title III of The JOBS Act.  Now all U.S. citizens—regardless of their net worth or income—can get in on high-growth private companies while they’re still on the ground floor. Here’s what you need to know about this historic change—as well as the story no one else is telling you.

“OK, Glass: What are people thinking?”

Researchers are using Google Glass to help autistic people “see” emotions.

The glasses use a video camera to compare what the user sees to expressions from large datasets of faces. Then it tells the wearer what they’re looking at: from happiness or fear, to anger and contempt. See what surprise looks like here.

Time to Buy Bitcoin Again?

Bitcoin is back! After a blockbuster 2013, the digital currency tumbled throughout 2014 on negative headlines. But it’s recently been on a seven-week winning streak. Could this be the moment to bite?


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