Trump Planning to Give Investors an Early Christmas Present?

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, September 13, 2018

Christmas may be coming early this year.

Thanks to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, it looks like the Trump administration is getting ready to make some big changes…

And these changes could have a direct impact on your bank account.

Let me explain…

Banned for Almost a Century

Since 1933, most people have only been allowed to invest in publicly traded stocks…

I’m talking about stocks you can buy through your broker — public companies that trade on the NYSE or the Nasdaq.

Unless you were a verified millionaire, the government prohibited you from investing in non-public (in other words, private) startup companies.

That’s a shame, because private investments can be very profitable.

For example, according to one report, private startups have delivered five of the most profitable investments of all time…

And a study by Cambridge Associates (an investment firm whose clients include Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation) found that early-stage private investments have returned an average of 55% per year…

That’s roughly 700% higher than the stock market average.

Unfortunately, the government has locked you out of this market for decades.

Until now…

A New Retirement Savings Option

Thanks to a new set of laws called the JOBS Act, now everyone can invest in early-stage private companies.

That being said, there are still many restrictions.

For example, unless you’re wealthy, there’s a strict limit to how much you can invest. For some people, it’s just a few thousand dollars each year.

Furthermore, the private companies that elect to raise money from investors like you can only raise a small amount of capital — in total, just $1 million per year.

These rules dramatically limit your opportunities to make money.

Sure, you can still make a great deal of money with these deals — for instance, if you’d invested $1,000 in Facebook when it was a private startup, you’d have made $2 million on the day it IPOd.

But if all these restrictions weren’t in place, more private companies could raise capital…

And investors like you could make even more money!

Has Trump Been Reading Our Newsletter?

Thankfully, it looks like we’re not the only ones who hold this perspective…

You see, according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, Trump and his new SEC Chairman, Jay Clayton, wholeheartedly agree:

The SEC is currently exploring how to open up more private investment opportunities to individual investors like you.

According to The Journal, Clayton’s goal is simple:

“To help small investors access more high-quality investments for retirement.”

And now Trump is pushing the SEC to make progress on this effort before Christmas.

Extraordinary Returns — for Buffett, and for You

According to Mr. Clayton, the SEC could “move pretty quickly” to put these changes in place.

This should have you very excited.

In fact, given the growing realization among investors that the private market can provide extraordinary returns, everyone seems to be getting excited.

For example, even Warren Buffett — perhaps the world’s most successful public market investor — is finally throwing his hat into the private markets…

How to Prepare Yourself

According to a recent report in The Observer, Warren Buffett just made his first start-up investment. He invested in a private mobile technology startup.

If an investor like Buffett is finally getting involved in this market, we believe it’s time for you to start thinking about putting some money here as well.

And with the SEC’s pending changes, this could be a significant opportunity for you.

To prepare yourself to invest in this new asset class, check out the free resources we’ve put together for you here »

Even if you have no prior experience in the private markets, our white papers and videos will quickly get you up to speed.

Happy investing.

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan



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