Your Neighborhood Is Now a War Zone

By Crowdability, on Friday, August 5, 2016

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How Does this Money Manager Make So Much Money?

Since 2013, money manager Joseph Meyer has delivered annual returns of 13%, 24%, and 91%, respectively. Not only that, but Meyer guarantees you’ll never lose a dime. In exchange, you just need to hand over your money for a decade. If you exit early, he keeps half your dough »

Golden State Warriors Trick Kevin Durant into Signing

Inside a mansion in the Hamptons, Kevin Durant looked through a pair of “Virtual Reality” goggles. He saw life-like images of the Golden Gate Bridge, he saw Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr getting his team fired up inside the Oracle Arena locker room, he saw a courtside view. And based on what he saw, he signed on the dotted line »

Hey Shorty—Check This Out

Statistically speaking, taller people live longer and make more money. So why are people shrinking?

How College Students Spend Their Days

Curious what college kids get up to nowadays? Wonder how much time they spend sleeping versus drinking? Read this—then you’ll know »

Your Neighborhood Is Now a War Zone

The police shooting in Dallas last month marks a milestone in the history of American law enforcement: It’s the first time a police department used a robot to kill someone. This is progress?


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