Follow These (Profit) Leaders

When it comes to finding the most profitable early-stage investments, you’ve really got your work cut out for you. As I explained last week it’s been shown that you need to do at least 40 hours of research on every investment—whether you decide to invest or not. But as Matt…

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Three Ways to Lock in Windfall Profits

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been telling you about a remarkable group of people... People who’ve gone from being dead broke to multi-millionaires... overnight. Today we’re going to reveal their secret—and we’ll show you three tricks you could use to try and accomplish the exact same feat. [readmore]…

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How to Make Millions Overnight – Guaranteed

Few things in life are guaranteed... According to Benjamin Franklin, only two things fit that bill: death & taxes. But there is one other thing you can bank on (literally)... It involves a special type of investment. And over the next couple of days, we’ll show you how this investment…

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Beat Buffett's Returns (proof inside)

People say Warren Buffett is the best investor in the world. Well, maybe that was true once upon a time... But now a new crop of investors is outperforming him. Today, we’ll introduce you to one of the most interesting of these mavericks. Not only will we show you how…

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How Warren Buffett is helping me weather this storm...

Warren Buffet is one of the wealthiest and wisest investors in the world. And over the years, his wisdom has helped me through some tough times in the market. Given the news from last week, maybe his wisdom can help you, too… As you’re probably aware, global markets are still…

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A Look Behind The Profit Curtain

For the last few weeks, we’ve been showing you how early-stage investing can lead to extraordinary financial returns... Early investors in Uber, for example, made 40,000% in just two years. But we also explained that you can’t expect every investment to be like Uber… To protect your downside and set…

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Double Your Returns With One Simple Trick

Last week, we showed you several “homerun” private market investments… Investments that turned out to be highly profitable for early investors. But like Matt explained yesterday, not every investment you make is going to work out so well. And that’s why it’s so important that you have a system in…

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Profit From 2016's First Tech IPO

An exciting milestone was crossed last week: 2016’s first tech IPO of the year. This is a big deal. It sets the tone for the IPO market for the remainder of the year. A “hot” IPO means a conga line of other companies will try to IPO, too… And a…

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How to Spot "The Next Big Thing"

Imagine if you’d gotten in early on Apple... Or Facebook... Or more recently, Uber or Airbnb. None of these companies seemed so mind-blowing when they were getting started—in fact, many of them seemed silly. But each went on to return millions (or in some cases, billions) of dollars in profits…

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Bad News for Retirees

Stocks staged a death-defying recovery in Q1. In fact, they did something they haven’t done in more than 80 years: after dropping more than 10% at the start of the year, they finished the quarter in the black. Unfortunately for you, there’s a downside to this news: After their Q1…

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