Ignore This at Your Own Risk…

We’ve got a problem here, a problem with the economy. And this affects you — no matter how much (or how little) you have stashed away. Today I’ll explain what the problem is. Then we’ll start to explain how it’s going to affect your investments… And most importantly, we’ll show…

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Is This Technology the Next Big Thing?

Set your calendars for April 2022… That’s the month and year that the next futuristic consumer tech device officially goes mainstream… and the smartphone officially dies. At least that’s what a top scientist at Facebook predicted. And I agree — give or take a month or two! In all seriousness,…

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Has Elon Musk Finally Snapped?

Get Paid $1,900 to Do Nothing Do you enjoy doing absolutely nothing? Convince this university it’s true — and you’ll earn $1,900. Get the details here » FBI Reveals Terrifying Problem with Doorbell Cameras Doorbell cameras are intended to protect homeowners against burglars and thieves. But as the FBI has learned,…

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Get Ready to Retire Rich

As Matt explained yesterday, the government recently handed investors like you a big gift… For the first time in nearly a century, it’s made it easier for all investors — regardless of income or net worth — to invest in the private markets. This was a big step for the…

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The Gov't Wants You To Invest in Startups

Did you see the news last week? The U.S. government gave investors like you a kick in the pants. “Get out there and invest in startups!” it seemed to be saying. “Make some money!” Today I’ll explain the news… Then I’ll show you how it could potentially help you pocket…

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How to Earn a Quick 82% Return

For months, I’ve been telling you about the market-beating returns you can earn from tech IPOs… And I’ve been encouraging you to make them a part of your overall investment strategy. But in case you need a reminder, this data from Renaissance Capital says it all: On their first day of…

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[Video] Don't Check into a Hotel 'Til You've Seen This

Florida To Release 750 Million Mosquitoes Florida just approved a controversial plan to release nearly a billion gene-hacked mosquitoes. Some are calling it a “Jurassic Park experiment.” See for yourself » Amazon Wants to Know How Much You Weigh The market for smart wearables is dominated by Apple and Fitbit.…

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Earn 1,000% Returns When the Market Crashes

The market has rallied from its March lows. But it’s still highly volatile. And with 30 million Americans out of work and unemployment claims still rising, the market’s next move will likely be down, down, down. If you have a chunk of money tied up in stocks, this could be…

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95% of Takeover Deals Have This in Common

Startup investors made a fortune last month. To get things rolling, Uber bought Postmates for $2.6 billion. That handed early investors an estimated 520x their money. The profits continued when solar-company Sunrun bought Vivint for $1.5 billion… And when Lululemon bought home-fitness startup Mirror for $500 million. Welcome to the…

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Is Big Tech About to Crash?

In early 2015 — three years before it happened — I predicted Apple (AAPL) would become the first trillion-dollar market cap company. Fast-forward to a few days ago… and Apple hit the record books as the first two trillion-dollar company, which I’d also predicted. Meanwhile, other tech giants like Microsoft…

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