U.S. Gov't Might Let You Hunt Criminals

Amazon Unleashing “Global Surveillance” Operation Amazon will soon be delivering packages to you using its fleet of drones. But these drones will also be used for something else — something scary. Learn more here » CNBC Report: Smartphone Use Linked to Horn Growth A bizarre finding by researchers sounds like…

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The System Behind 2,100x Returns

Yesterday, Matt showed you something pretty shocking: He showed you how a group of investors made a fortune from a single investment. These investors had put money into one of 2019’s hottest IPO stocks: Slack (WORK). But they didn’t invest at the company’s IPO. Instead, they invested before it went…

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How To Turn $500 into $1.05 Million in 24 Hours

Last week, a small group of investors hit it out of the park. On a single investment, they made 2,100x their money. That’s enough to turn $500 into more than $1 million... Or $5,000 into more than $10 million. Today I’ll show you how they did it… And then I’ll…

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Breakthrough: Washington Doctor "Hacks" Diabetes

This Lawnmower Goes 150 Miles Per Hour Want to make your neighbors jealous this summer? This lawnmower can go from zero to 100 miles per hour in under 7 seconds. As for its top speed… » Walmart Employees Caught in Customers’ Kitchens Having groceries delivered is a great convenience. But…

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Wanna Bet?

When I tell people what I do for a living, I hear things like this: “The stock market!? That’s a real crap shoot!” “You invest in startups? I’d rather play the lotto!” “Oh, isn’t that like gambling?” Comments like that used to bother me. But not anymore. Nowadays, I take…

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The #1 Way to STOP Losing Money this Year

Most investors spend a lot of time hoping. “I hope the market comes back!” “I hope the Fed cuts rates!” “I sure hope my Tesla shares rebound!” But hoping is no way to make money. After all, hope isn’t a strategy. So today, I’ll show you how to stop hoping…

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Summer Vacation Destination: Outer Space

Drink Beer from Your New Video-Game Controller It takes two hands to operate a video game controller. So how on Earth are you supposed to hold your beer, too? Miller Lite has a solution » 11 Great Father’s Day Gifts Not another necktie! Instead, get him one of these tech…

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417-Year-Old Document Holds Key to 13,233% Profits

Yesterday, Matt told you about a revolutionary “med-tech” company we’ve identified. Not only could this company realistically fulfill the vision of Theranos… But it could also help you earn profits of 13,233%. Many of our readers have asked us how we identify opportunities like this. Which makes sense. If you…

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Rare 13,233% Profit Opportunity: The "Real" Theranos

Last week, Wayne revealed the “bright side” of the Theranos scam: For investors like us, it proved that a tiny blood-testing business could be worth a fortune. After all, Theranos rose to a valuation of $9 billion. And that’s why we’re so excited about a new investment opportunity… This company…

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Buy These Homes in Southern Sicily for $1

You’re Asleep… So Why Is Your Phone So Busy? It’s 3 a.m. You’re fast asleep. But your smartphone is communicating with people all over the world. Who’s it talking to? Find out here » The World’s Most Addicting Video Game Turns 35 It seems like such a boring idea for…

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