2014 Equity Crowdfunding Toolkit

“Wow, what a year!” said my Crowdability co-founder, Matt Milner. We were sitting on an Amtrak train headed back to New York City.  We were sipping scotch and winding down after a whirlwind business trip. Matt was right – it has been a heck of a year – and we’ve…

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Happy Holidays from Crowdability

We've decided to take the day off to enjoy the holidays with our friends and family. We'll continue with our regular publishing schedule on Friday when we'll announce the results from last week's survey.  We're excited to share the results with you and the research report we'll be preparing. If…

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How a Startup Could Change Your Life

I want to share a very personal story with you today. It’s not one that I tell often – partly out of embarrassment, and partly because it’s kind of painful to think about…  Let me begin by saying how truly blessed I feel each and every day. In addition to being healthy…

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3 Ways to Earn "Private Income" Every Month

When we hear about “startup investing,” we generally think of the big paydays that occur when an early-stage company is acquired or goes public – like Google, Facebook or Tumblr. And historically, it’s true: profits from early-stage investing have come from “exits” like an IPO or a big acquisition. But…

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