How to Get Shares BEFORE The IPO

When some people hear the words “Private Equity,” here’s what usually comes to mind:Big risks. Unproven companies. Big potential returns. But today I’ll show you another way to invest in private equity: It still offers big upside potential... But without all the risk. Getting in Early The earlier you invest in a start-up, the…

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IPO Alert: Two Ways to Play It

Just a few hours from now, the biggest U.S. tech IPO of the year will get priced… And tomorrow, it will start trading. According to The New York Times, it could "rank among the 10 biggest-ever stock market debuts of an Internet company." If all goes well, it could raise nearly $1…

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2015 Forecast: Growth Sectors

Matt and I have a year-end tradition: On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, while our NYC office is still quiet, we sit in the lounge chairs by our big, south-facing windows... As we gaze over lower Manhattan towards the Statue of Liberty, we ask ourselves an important question about the year…

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Surprising Way to Triple Your Dividends

Many risk-averse investors seek out the stability of big, recession-proof brands… Brands like McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) or Burger King (NYSE: BKW). These stocks may help you sleep at night, but they sure don’t offer much yield: Dividends from Burger King are less than 1%… And “high-yielding” McDonald’s offers just 3.5%.…

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19% Yields in Real Estate?

Imagine owning a luxury hotel, just blocks from the Freedom Tower in downtown New York City. Or owning high-end luxury condos in Midtown East, right near the United Nations. Imagine the joy you’d feel in owning a piece of Manhattan… And the pleasure you’d get by earning double-digit yields. Nice fantasy,…

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Your Backdoor into Exclusive Hedge Funds

Pop Quiz:  What’s the typical minimum investment to get into a hedge fund? A)   $10,000 B)   $100,000 C)   $500,000+ Traditionally, the answer would have been (C) $500,000 or more… But the rules just changed… A new company is attempting to tear down the exclusive walls of the hedge fund industry.…

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