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Debunking Three Angel Investing Myths

Nearly three years ago, Matt and I set out on a mission: We aimed to teach everyday investors how to make money in early-stage investing. From the very beginning, naysayers said it couldn’t be done. Thankfully we ignored them. More than 100,000 investors have now subscribed to our free and…

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Venture Capitalism in a Nutshell

A Venture Capitalist (or, VC for short) is a professional investor that manages a venture fund. These funds are similar to Mutual Funds, but instead of investing in stocks, they invest in privately-held start-up companies. In exchange for investing in these start-ups before they become proven businesses, venture capitalists can…

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How I Made a Million Dollars in Three Weeks

Made might be the wrong word here. Raised is more like it. You see, when Matt and I first launched Crowdability, we raised $1 million from investors to help grow our business. From start to finish, it took us 21 days to pull together the entire investment. Relatively speaking, that’s…

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I Hate Millionaires

Some of the wealthiest people I know are surprisingly stingy: They avoid picking up the tab at dinner... They give lousy birthday presents... And they never spoil their children or spouse with lavish gifts. But as I’ve come to learn, this genetic “thriftiness” might give them a great advantage as…

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