Your 2018 Battle Plan

This time last year, we provided you with an investment “battle plan” for 2017. More specifically, we showed you a simple way to set up your portfolio so you could generate consistent profits in the private markets. The thing is, over the past year we’ve expanded our research coverage: Now,…

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[Chart] Proven System for Earning 55% Annual Returns

Take a look at this chart… It shows the average returns across every major asset class for the past 20 years — everything from bonds, to large-cap stocks, to various private equity investments. As you can see, the top-performing asset class has been early-stage venture capital. Which is why today, we’re…

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[POLL] Should marijuana be legal?

If you had the power to snap your fingers and legalize marijuana in all 50 states… Would you do it? Before you decide — and before you cast your vote at the end of today’s essay — I’d like to bring you up to speed on the latest research around…

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Two New Ways To "Cash-in" on Start-ups

Let’s say you bought some shares of Amazon a year ago… With the stock up nearly 20%, you decide to take your profits. So you log into your brokerage account, click “sell” — and in a flash, your shares are sold on the Nasdaq and turned into cash. That’s how…

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E*TRADE for Cryptocurrencies?

As recently as a few years ago, I relied on just two tools to build my wealth: My E*TRADE account to trade stocks, bonds, and ETFs… And my personal network to find high-potential start-ups to invest in. But recently, I’ve added a third tool to my arsenal. Today I’ll show…

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Prediction: Bitcoin to hit $100,000?

It’s been a wild ride for Bitcoin. In the past 30 days, this crypto-currency has more than doubled in value. Many are calling for a pullback — but others are calling for even bigger gains ahead. In fact, one analyst is predicting that Bitcoin will skyrocket from $4,000 to $100,000.…

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How To Earn 11.9% a Year Right Now

I’m on the hunt for an apartment in New York City. You see, my wife and I just celebrated our one-year anniversary… And as she informed me, that means it’s time we move out of my bachelor pad, and find a place together that we can make our own. As usual, she’s probably right. But…

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How to Survive the Upcoming Retirement Crisis

It could become the worst financial crisis of our generation... And it’s sitting right in front of us. You see, over the next two decades, roughly 70 million baby boomers will retire. And as Matt explained yesterday, from a financial standpoint, most of these folks are completely unprepared: The average…

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Want to Retire Early? Read This Now...

August vacation and retirement have a lot in common: Warm, sunny weather… No rushing around… Plenty of time to do the things you love. But there’s one big difference: A summer vacation might only cost you a few thousand bucks… But retirement costs a fortune. Think you’re getting close to…

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Is This Technology the "Profit Driver" of the Decade?

Start-up investors have fallen in love with the transportation sector. Why? Because this sector has handed them massive returns. Just look at some of the start-ups we’ve introduced you to recently: 60 days after we wrote about Elio Motors — a $7,300 car that gets 84 MPG — it went…

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