How to Make Money When the World is Falling Apart

It was 1964 when Bob Dylan wrote the song, The Times They Are A-Changin’… And boy, was he right: Over the coming years, we put a man on the moon… We invented the Internet and the World Wide Web… And new technology products have catapulted our world forward, destroying old…

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Turn a Losing Trade Into a 20,000% Profit

Last Thursday, a start-up called Blue Apron went public. Investors were giddy with excitement. This was the most anticipated stock market debut since the IPO of SnapChat (NYSE: SNAP) in March. Unfortunately, Blue Apron fell flat on its face. After going public at $10 (NYSE: APRN), it went sideways… and…

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Make 19x Your Money Fast

Start-ups are my all-time favorite type of investment. After all, the returns are 3x to 4x higher than stocks… It’s fun and exciting to learn about cutting-edge technologies… And you can help create jobs and boost the economy. What’s not to love? But there’s one thing that could make start-up…

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The "Shooting Fish in a Barrel" Investing Strategy

I started working on Wall Street in 1988… And it was during that very first year that I learned one of the most valuable investing strategies of my life. Not only has this strategy helped me avoid making some terrible investments… But it’s helped me earn millions of dollars. Initially,…

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Teenagers Bank $24 Million Before Graduation

Did you hear the crazy news about the high school in California? It just landed a windfall worth $24 million. The thing is, its payday didn’t come from a wealthy alum or a federal grant. It came from a less conventional source: Start-ups. A True Story A few years ago,…

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Boost Your Returns by 281%

The stock market has been on a tear lately… Over the last year, the S&P 500 is up nearly 20%. But what if I could prove to you that there was something better out there — Not just a way to double the returns you could earn in the stock…

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Turn a Loss into a 200,000% Profit

Snapchat, the “hot” new social media company, is in freefall. Since its March IPO (NYSE: SNAP), its stock has gotten crushed. Investors who bought at $27 have already lost about one-third of their money. But meanwhile, a different set of Snapchat investors hasn’t lost a dime. In fact, these investors…

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How You Can Profit from These Three Famous Flops

Coca-Cola… Post-it Notes… Google… A few examples of products that changed the world—and created billionaires in the process. But for every world-changing invention, there are thousands of “flops” that never catch on. The thing is, smart investors can learn quite a bit from these flops. So today, I’ll review three…

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Social Security: Bankrupt!?

Are you counting on Social Security to help fund your retirement? If so, you could be in for a rude awakening. You see, if you’re like most Americans, you’ve been led to believe that Social Security will provide for you once you stop working. But here’s the thing: Social Security…

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Warning: Profits Slashed by 87%?!

Last week, I came across a new study that could have a major impact on your profits—and not the good kind of impact. According to this report, your investment profits could get slashed by 87% (or even more) in the coming years. Today, I’ll reveal the details of this disturbing…

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