NBA Players Could QUIT Because of One Ultra-Lucrative Investment

The world’s most successful athletes and entertainers are already rich… But now they’ve discovered an investment that’s so lucrative, they could quit their “day job.” For example, rumors have been swirling that Kobe Bryant will come out of retirement to play alongside LeBron James. But Kobe won’t do it — he’s…

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Warning: Ticking Time-Bomb Could Devastate Your Portfolio

Over the last year or so, I noticed something very strange… No matter how badly the market was getting beat up, a certain tech start-up kept reporting seemingly good news… First, its user base soared from 150,000 customers to 3 million… then its revenues ballooned to $30 million per month.…

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I've Been Waiting 11 Years for This...

About once every decade, a major event takes place in the technology sector... And that single event is so powerful, it’s responsible for the vast majority of that sector’s investment gains for years afterward. Today, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about these events... Including when the next…

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95% of Takeover Deals Have This One Thing in Common

Microsoft just announced that it’s doing a huge takeover… It’s acquiring Github, a software company, for $7.5 billion. That news comes on the heels of pharma giant Roche ponying up $1.9 billion for Flatiron Health, the tech start-up. And when you add up all the other $1 billion+ tech takeovers…

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The Dow is Dead (where to earn BIG returns now)

Corporate earnings are at record highs... Unemployment rates are at record lows... And our administration recently passed a sweeping tax reform. Theoretically, things couldn’t be better — but the stock market is floundering. Since January 1st, the S&P and the Nasdaq are flat… And as of today, the Dow is down…

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Three Reasons You HAVE TO Invest in Pre-IPO Companies

For the last twenty years, Wayne and I have been “hooked” on investing in pre-IPO start-ups. We still invest in traditional assets like stocks, bonds, and real estate... But investing in start-ups gives us something extra — something other investments can’t. Part of the “addiction” is the market-beating returns. But there’s…

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Earn 5,000% Profits with "The Babe Ruth Effect"

Babe Ruth was a legendary baseball player. Many consider him to be one of the greatest sluggers of all time. And 70 years after his death, he’s still one of the Top 3 home run hitters in history. But Babe Ruth also holds a top record for a different statistic,…

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