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This Can't Be Right...

Matt shook his head. “This can’t be right,” he said. "Let’s check it again." We were reviewing the latest findings from our research team, and one particular data point was sticking out like a sore thumb: According to the data (which we eventually triple-checked), online private investing last quarter represented…

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Rebuild America - And Profit

The year was 1884. After nine years of construction, The Statue of Liberty was finally on the verge of being completed... But then the city ran out of money. The entire project was put on hold. Luckily, Joseph Pulitzer, the newspaper publisher who created the Pulitzer Prize for journalism, took…

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First Time in 83 Years

Unprecedented change is coming to the markets this year. A detailed announcement about it will soon be made by one of the United States’ most powerful organizations... And it will trigger one of the largest “gold rushes” we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Surprisingly, the mainstream press has given this event…

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The Secret Way to Profit From Obamacare

Right before our eyes, The JOBS Act is changing how America invests. This new set of U.S. laws is allowing people to pool their money together online and invest in promising start-ups. It’s a concept called “crowdfunding." Initially, the websites that facilitated crowdfunding focused on technology start-ups. Then, sites started…

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Read This or Go Broke

As Matt explained yesterday, we spent the past year sitting down with some of the world’s most successful early-stage investors. These folks have made fortunes backing private companies. But let’s be clear: they didn’t reap these rewards without taking on risk. So one of the critical concepts we researched was how they handled…

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