Wall Street's Secret Crypto Profit Plan

In last week’s newsletter, Wayne and I revealed what could turn out to be one of the most profitable discoveries of our careers... You see, we recently came into possession of a confidential document, leaked from an elite Wall Street financial institution. The contents of this document lay out the…

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The "Trump Method" for Building Your Nest Egg

Our President is a controversial and polarizing figure. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on the man. Even something as quantifiable as his net worth is up for debate. According to a filing with the Federal Election Commission, Trump is worth $8.7 billion... However, according to Forbes, his net…

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Internet of Things: Where the "Smart" Money Is Going

A few years ago, my wife and I got really smart. Actually, we didn’t get smart. Our house did. First we installed the Nest thermostat. This “smart” device learned the temperatures that we like — seventy-three degrees in the morning, sixty-five at night, fifty-eight when we’re away — then it…

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The Real Russian Threat

While the media continues to focus on Russian election interference — and whether there was “collusion” — it’s missing a bigger and far more important story. You see, no matter who knew what, or who was colluding with whom, Russia has thrown down the gauntlet: It’s declared war on the…

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Trade War for China, Profits for You

President Trump is pissed off about our country’s trade deficit. He wants there to be consequences for other country’s anti-competitive practices and intellectual property violations. So, a few weeks ago, he threw down the gauntlet and announced tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. His actions appear to target our largest…

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Is this the Key to Curing Cancer?

Each year, cancer kills more than 8 million people worldwide. And according to the National Cancer Institute, nearly 40% of us will be diagnosed with some form of this disease during our lives. But what if we could outsmart it? Given what’s at stake, identifying a cure would be one…

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Tiny Device Could Add 12 Years to Your Life

If you’ve ever spoken to someone with a terminal illness... You know they’d do just about anything to have a chance to live longer. Well, thanks to a tiny device we’ll introduce you to today, as many as 140,000 Americans will have that chance each year: In fact, this “miracle…

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Could This Be Virtual Reality's "Killer App"?

Want to know the key to being a successful tech investor? Identify a major trend, wait for its “killer app” — i.e., a product able to transform and expand an entire industry — and then start investing in the sector. For example, the Internet was becoming a major trend in the late…

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A Proven Way to Trade Cryptos for Quick Cash

Normally when we invest in a crypto-currency, we’re “long-term” holders. That’s how you avoid losing your cool when the inevitable volatility kicks in — and that’s how you maximize your profits. But we recently came across a new study, and its results inspired us to look at the volatility in…

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