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The Scariest IPO Chart Ever?

Just like a takeover, an IPO can be a powerful way to earn big gains in a single day. In December of last year, for example, the average first-day return for all IPOs checked-in at an impressive 62.7%. That’s all about to change, though. And it has nothing to do…

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"NSFW" Video Could Make You Rich

Yesterday, Matt told you about a special indicator we’ve been tracking. This indicator has given investors an early “buy signal” for some of the biggest and most profitable technologies and trends of the past 50 years. And today, once again, this indicator is pointing to a massive breakthrough — one…

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Don't Fall for this Social Media Propaganda

In the social media industry, a company either innovates and grows — or it quickly dies. In fact, companies in the industry are transparent about this in their SEC filings. Take Snap Inc. (SNAP) for instance. In its IPO filing, the company indicated that its growth, and its very survival, depend…

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Stanford PhD Reveals Secret to Life-Changing Wealth

Yesterday, Matt showed you what can happen when you take a proven system for identifying successful startups… And combine it with a major technology trend: You get the opportunity to earn life-changing profits! (Like when early investors in Uber earned 10,000 times their money.) But Matt raised a very important…

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3 Ways to Pocket Life-Changing Gains

In our essays last week, Wayne and I began to reveal how we identify high-potential startup investments. Essentially, we use a proven process that involves more than 40 screens and filters. Some of these screens help identify the startups with the best chance of staying in business and succeeding. While…

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It's Time to Take Your Portfolio to Space

Forget about landing on the moon or Mars… There’s a new space race in town! This time, it involves putting “low earth satellites” the size of refrigerators into orbit. Once they’re in orbit, they can beam ultra-fast internet to connected cars, smartphones, and billions of other IoT devices. This helps…

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The Simple "10x Your Money" Rule

When Matt and I first launched Crowdability, we conducted an intense research project. Our goal? To identify a proven process for picking successful startup investments.  So, over the course of a year or so, we sat down with more than three dozen of the most successful startup investors in the…

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Retire from just ONE Investment

Two weeks before we started sheltering in place, our friend Aitio dropped by the office. He stops by a few times a year to say hello. He wasn’t exactly in the neighborhood. But with his brand-new BMW X7 SUV and a full-time driver, he doesn’t mind traveling to different parts…

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Want to Get Healthy and Wealthy? Don't Touch This...

From airlines to retail, dozens of sectors are reeling right now from the coronavirus… But tech is still booming. In fact, companies including Amazon (AMZN) are hitting 52-week highs. I expect the dominance of the tech sector to continue… But thanks to Covid-19, two specific technologies are being radically accelerated……

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