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My 3-Step Process for Profiting from the M&A Boom

In my article last week, I predicted that private equity funds would be big buyers of companies in 2020. The next day, I saw this news headline: “Private equity group hunts $1 billion biotech buyout.” Such funds have $1.5 trillion they need to spend — so get ready for hundreds of…

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Top-Two Biotech Trades That Could Deliver 114% Returns

Biotech is the hottest sector to invest in right now — and the stats prove it: From the number of deals, to the size of the deals, it’s shaping up to be a record-setting year. Even better, acquirers are paying an average premium of 114%. That means, if you scoop…

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$500 Billion in Pot Profits… With Less Risk

What would you guess is the fastest-growing sector today? Artificial intelligence? 5G? Cannabis? Cloud computing? If you guessed cannabis, you’d be right. As The New York Times recently reported, it’s the “fastest-growing industry in America.” By next year, analysts predict the U.S. cannabis market could be worth $22 billion —…

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Boost Your Profits by 63.6% by "Following" This Strategy

A 2008 study by entrepreneurship scholar Michael Song proved that the longer a new start-up stays in business, the higher its likelihood for eventual success. That’s great, but when a company is just getting started, how can an investor possibly predict which start-ups will be able to survive and which…

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Simple System to Turn $500 into $3.2 Million

Last week, we wrapped up your Private Market Bootcamp. Over the course of three weeks, you learned about a powerful system to help you navigate the private markets. This system provides you with a series of proven steps to identify the most promising — and potentially, the most profitable — early-stage…

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417-Year-Old Document Holds Key to 13,233% Profits

Yesterday, Matt told you about a revolutionary “med-tech” company we’ve identified. Not only could this company realistically fulfill the vision of Theranos… But it could also help you earn profits of 13,233%. Many of our readers have asked us how we identify opportunities like this. Which makes sense. If you…

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Never Lose Money Like This Again…

Pain can teach us valuable lessons. For instance, when I was a little kid, I burned my hand grabbing a hot pot on the stove. I didn’t need to learn that lesson twice. But some lessons are hard to learn, no matter how painful they are. For example, investing in…

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100% Profits in 4 Weeks

In yesterday’s article, we showed you why micro-caps are so powerful: Not only can they help you earn enormous returns, but they can also lower your risk! But today, I’ll reveal another key benefit of investing in micro-caps. As you’ll see, this benefit could help you earn triple-digit profits fast.…

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EXPOSED: Crypto "Shadow Market"

This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before… After an exhaustive investigation that lasted months, we recently uncovered a remarkable crypto investing strategy. And now, based on our discovery, we’ll show you how you could use this strategy to earn massive profits… Even while the crypto market continues to crash!…

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