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All Signs Point to Market Meltdown

I hate to say “I told you so,” especially in a situation like this… But as I explained last week, one of our key market indicators recently flashed red. Then, yesterday, the Dow crashed 800 points. It was its worst day of the year. And the scary part is, this…

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WARNING: This Signal is Flashing Red!

As Matt wrote yesterday, the Fed just cut interest rates for the first time in 10 years. The federal funds rate is an important number. It impacts everything from your mortgage payments, to the yields you generate from your income investments. But today, we’re going to introduce you to a…

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2020 Recession: How to Prepare

When it comes to making predictions, it seems like Ray Dalio never misses the mark. For example, not only did he accurately predict the 2008 financial crisis… But after forecasting an economic slowdown in Europe earlier this year, he made a big bet against companies in the EU — and…

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Free Money? Just Say No!

J.P. Morgan just launched an intriguing new trading service. It’s a brokerage account that comes with 100 free trades a year. This is like getting free money, so you should sign up ASAP, right? Wrong. Brokers Offering “Free” Bait The new service from J.P. Morgan is called “You Invest.” Once…

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Quit the Stock Market and Make 140x Your Money

In a 2011 Huffington Post article, the author explained why the “best and brightest” college graduates were heading to Wall Street: “It’s basic human nature,” she wrote. “Follow the money.” Makes sense. After all, according to Investopedia, in 2016, the average Goldman Sachs employee took home $367,564. But in the…

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The Dow is Dead (where to earn BIG returns now)

Corporate earnings are at record highs... Unemployment rates are at record lows... And our administration recently passed a sweeping tax reform. Theoretically, things couldn’t be better — but the stock market is floundering. Since January 1st, the S&P and the Nasdaq are flat… And as of today, the Dow is down…

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Three Investing Myths – Debunked

When it comes to investing, we’ve been lied to for nearly a century. We’ve been told that if we take the investment path that’s “tried and true,” we’ll be able to retire comfortably, right on time. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. And today I’ll prove it to you. Myth…

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