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Montreal, Canada

Copdate is a mobile app that lets users reserve highly-anticipated sneakers and sought-after products.

For fans of sneakers — also known as “sneakerheads” — tracking down new or “limited edition” sneakers can be frustrating.

That’s because when a new sneaker is available, demand usually far outweighs supply.

This means customers looking to purchase a pair must either wait in long lines (some customers even camp outside the store for a spot in line) or pay marked up prices from third-party resellers.

But Copdate takes the stress out of a sneaker’s release day (i.e., the day a sneaker or product is made available to the public) and makes the purchase process easier for both customers and retailers.

With Copdate, retailers create different events — this is done when a store is announcing that it’s releasing a new sneaker or product.

Customers, meanwhile, can access the events and reserve these new items directly on the app. They can also enter a raffle-style contest to be selected to purchase the new product.

Copdate was launched in July 2016 and currently has more than 120,000 users.

In addition, the company has relationships with leading retailers such as Packer Shoes, Feature Sneaker Boutique and New York-based shoe stores Atmos and Extra Butter.

The app has received praise from multiple media outlets, including leading footwear website SneakerWatch, which stated “this app might be the future of sneaker releases.”

And in February 2017, Copdate was the top Lifestyle App and Top 20 Overall app in Apple’s U.S. App Store.

Currently, the Copdate app is free, as the company aims to attract more users that make up the $216 billion global sneaker market.

But in 2018, the company will begin charging a fixed fee for in-app transactions (such as a customer RSVP’ing for a new product).

This will help Copdate generate an estimated $312,000 in revenue, a figure projected to reach $1.2 million in 2019.

Team Background

Andrew Raisman - Founder & CEO

Before Copdate, Andrew founded Princefully Communications Group, a multi-disciplinary boutique agency specializing in market innovation, business development, and new-media. The company was established in 2008 on Andrew’s instinct that mobile, which was only emerging at the time, was going to transform, and fundamentally redefine the way brands needed to do business. Under Andrew’s leadership, Princefully evolved from a simple development studio into a versatile, multi-faceted think-tank where a broad range of technical expertise combined with a nuanced understanding of market mechanics, to deliver innovative, bankable solutions for a host of prestigious international clients including: Ivanhoe Cambridge, Vice, Air Canada, Warner Music, Adidas by Stella McCartney, Ubisoft, Disney, Amaya Gaming, the Government of Chile, and many others.A lifelong sneaker collector, Andrew witnessed the sneaker market transform from a relatively "niche" pastime into the massive global phenomenon it is today and founded Copdate in late 2015 out of a passion to solve the pain-points affecting millions of sneakerheads worldwide.Leveraging over 20 years as a marketing innovator and over three decades of intimate first-hand knowledge of the sneaker ecosystem (both primary and secondary markets), Andrew architected and launched Copdate in 2016. Today, after one year, Copdate has grown to well over 100,000 active users and has secured partnerships with some the world's premiere retailers to level the playing field and change the game for sneakerheads everywhere.Our mission is to help sneakerheads by empowering retailers;  our objective is to make the release process as fair, secure, and hassle-free as possible for both the shop and the customer;  our vision is to reshape retail and to become the new standard by which sneakers, apparel, and much more are made available to millions of consumers around the world.