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Hawthorne, CA

WeRTeachers is an online tutoring platform for students.

Unlike traditional tutoring services, WeRTeachers is the only company that contracts exclusively with professional, classroom teachers to serve as tutors.

The company is targeting the $104 billion global tutoring market, an industry projected to reach $227 billion by 2022.

WeRTeachers strives to benefit three groups — students, teachers, and schools:

Students can pay to receive one-on-one learning opportunities with teachers…

Teachers can supplement their income and help students on their own schedule…

And schools can take comfort in the fact their students can use a tutoring platform in line with the school’s curriculum.

WeRTeachers earns revenue from students who pay to use the tutoring service.

In addition, the company donates 5% of all company revenue to students in need of tutoring.

WeRTeachers ran a pilot program in May 2017. In four months, more than 300 teachers and 1,000 students signed up.

WeRTeachers officially launched in September 2017 and has since partnered with 13 schools in the Los Angeles area.