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Health & Wellness (non-internet/mobile)


Richmond, VA

YogaTrail is a mobile platform connecting yoga instructors with students.

Yoga is a surprisingly large phenomenon. It's an $80 billion market, with more than 300 million participants around the world.

YogaTrail provides yoga instructors with tools to earn revenues and make their lives easier — from helping them communicate with their students, to taking bookings and payments, to attracting new clients.

For yoga students, YogaTrail aggregates classes and events from all teachers and studios in one place.

YogaTrail is a graduate of 500 Startups, an accelerator program funded by PayPal and Google alumni that’s guided companies like AngelList and Unbounce.

Since launching in spring 2013, YogaTrail has attracted more than 250,000 users, including 50,000 instructors and 200,000 students.

YogaTrail is a freemium mobile app, which means it offers a free version and a paid version. Teachers and students can both be premium subscribers. The average premium subscriber pays $21 per month.

Instructors who are premium subscribers earn top visibility in app searches and weekly newsletters, and get assistance with marketing their classes.

Premium student subscribers receive weekly newsletters, and can book classes through the app without being charged a fee.

YogaTrail charges a 7% fee for all transactions, such as booking yoga classes and private lessons.

In 2016, YogaTrail generated $156,000 in revenue.

And as of September, the company became profitable for 2017.

Team Background

Alex Klein - co-founder + CEO

Prior to co-founding YogaTrail, he founded a VC-backed nuclear fusion energy startup in 2009. Physics PhD (Columbia U.), plasma physicist at MIT, accomplished gymnast,  and former musician/rockstar. Alex likes to tackle big, difficult, and meaningful projects.

Maria Alexandra - co-founder + CCO

Previously, Alex #2 worked her way up to commissioning editor for some of the worlds largest publishing houses in London — so she knows "content". Alex also speaks six languages fluently and is very passionate about yoga and all the users on YogaTrail (it's her brainchild).

Sven Ernst - co-founder + Director

Vegetarian, entrepreneur, engineer, great manager and angel investor. Also co-Founder/ Partner at BUZZWOO!, a German Software Development Company with offices in Europe and Asia. 

Eduard Sachava - CTO

Full stack developer, and "growth hacker" at YogaTrail.


500 Startups

Prominent seed fund and accelerator program founded by PayPal and Google alumni. Investments include AngelList, Unbounce, and Behance.


Singapore-based investment group interested in early-stage companies. Portfolio includes Wootag (social media application) and 8Beat (audio accessory manufacturer).