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Venice, CA

Zen is a new type of social video platform.

It’s a mobile app that allows teenage-aged users to share short videos and chat with friends, all while earning money for doing so.

By sharing videos and building a social media following on Zen, users can tap into the billions of dollars advertisers spend on social media posts.

Every day, millions of teenagers create and consume videos on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.

These companies generate millions of dollars in advertising revenue, while the people who actually create the content don’t receive any money at all.

But on Zen, users can create and upload original content to social media accounts and earn digital money known as “ZENCoins.”

These coins can be used in Zen’s marketplace, where users can buy or sell advertisements for their social media channels and sponsor posts on their account.

Meanwhile, Zen generates revenue by taking a share of advertising revenue, charging transaction fees for all marketplace transactions and a portion of sales from all retained ZENCoins.

Since launching in May 2017, Zen has accumulated more than 30,000 users and is projecting to have 250,000 users by the end of 2018.