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Crypto Insider is a powerful new investment research service. It provides individual investors with investment recommendations in the digital currency markets.

The service is managed by Crowdability’s founders, Matt Milner and Wayne Mulligan. Their goal is to help you identify crypto investments that offer big, quick upside potential.

They launched this service after realizing that, even though most investors have been losing their shirt in cryptos recently, a small group of crypto insiders were still earning a fortune.

After an exhaustive research project, they discovered that this exclusive group of investors had identified a strategy to earn massive profits whether crypto prices are going up, or going straight down.

A handful of experts are finally starting to catch onto this strategy. For example:

  • The Wall Street Journal said these trades are “exploding in value”...
  • MarketWatch said these investments “deliver surprising returns”...
  • And after tracking the returns of over 1,400 trades, Fortune found that, based on an average holding period of just sixteen days, “investors earned average returns of 179%” on each trade.

Matt and Wayne have already been using this strategy to earn huge profits. For example:

  • Raiden Networks (RDN) where they earned 1,000% on their money.
  • WaBi (WABI) where they pocketed a quick 890% profit.
  • And WanChain (WAN), where they made 24x their money.

Now, with Crypto Insider, they’re bringing these trades to you.

Their goal is to identify the crypto trades with the most upside potential, and the least risk — and most importantly, to identify opportunities that can deliver profits both in good markets and bad.

Every quarter, Crypto Insider members receive a new investment recommendation, backed up by in-depth research and analysis. Each report will include a detailed analysis of a specific crypto-currency, a fundamental analysis of its value proposition, and a deep-dive into its underlying technology.

The standard price for an annual subscription to Crypto Insider is $2,995.

However, we’ve set a strict limit on the number of subscribers we can accept into the service. At this time, membership to Crypto Insider is full.

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