Dear Crowdability Reader,

I’m Matt Milner, the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Crowdability.

First of all, I want to assure you that you’re reading this invitation correctly:

I’m willing to essentially hand you a gift worth $60,384 right now — but only if you agree to CANCEL your Crowdability subscription.

That’s roughly $60,000 you can use for anything you want. Use it to pay down your mortgage, or for a down payment on a new car, or to take a vacation with your family.

But again, you’ll only be eligible to receive this gift if you CANCEL your current Crowdability membership.

I realize that may sound strange — why would we give you a gift in exchange for cancelling your current membership?

But as you’ll see in a moment, we have a very good reason for making this offer. So, please read on...

Also, if you decide to cancel your current membership, do not worry — Wayne and I will still do everything in our power to help you earn consistent, massive gains in the private markets.

In fact, if you take advantage of this offer, we’ll help you even more...

You see, if you cancel right now, we’ll give you access to all of our premium education services and all our private market investment recommendations — for LIFE.

And that's in addition to your $60,384.

"Hang on a second,” you might be wondering. “What’s going on here? Why would you keep helping me if I cancel my subscription?"

It might sound too good to be true...

So over the next few minutes, I'll explain exactly how you could walk away with a gift worth $60,384 — and still get unlimited access to some of our most expensive research and education services.

By the time you finish this letter, you'll know how to claim your gift, and how to get access to all the products and services we’re offering.

This is an opportunity we’ve never shared with the general public before, so please read on...

Why I’m Offering You So Much Money Today

Again, my name is Matt Milner...

Roughly six years ago, I helped to co-found Crowdability.

In that time, we’ve grown the company exponentially. We’ve gone from being a small blog that was read by a handful of insiders, to becoming the world’s largest independent firm that focuses on early-stage investing.

To date, more than 100,000 subscribers have registered for our services....

We’ve helped thousands of investors get their start in the private markets. And many of them have already experienced the life-changing wealth this market can create. (I’ll introduce you to some of those investors in a moment… you might be surprised to find that they’re a lot like you.)

Earlier in my career, I worked at some of the largest banks and investment firms in the world. Firms like Citigroup and Kidder Peabody.

More recently, I started a technology company that was ultimately acquired by Hearst, the multi-billion-dollar media conglomerate.

After Hearst acquired my company, I joined their team as a senior executive. But about five years ago, I decided to quit my cushy, high-paying job.

Reason being, I saw a bigger opportunity elsewhere:

Simply put, I wanted to spend 100% of my time capitalizing on the massive investment opportunities in the private markets.

So I launched a global private investment fund, and I started mentoring and investing in dozens of early-stage companies.

Since then, I’ve accumulated stakes in more than 57 individual private companies. And collectively, these companies are now worth more than $200 million.

I feel very fortunate. The monetary rewards from my career have surpassed my wildest dreams.

But still, I wanted to do even more.

That’s when I got together with an equally successful investor and entrepreneur, Wayne Mulligan.

And together, we founded Crowdability.

You see, we realized that everyday investors like you needed to learn how to navigate and make money in the private markets — just like we’ve been able to.

So we spent six years developing a suite of education and research services.

We designed these services to help anyone learn how to make extraordinary returns from private investing — regardless of their level of knowledge and experience...

And regardless of how much money they were starting out with.

To create these services, we recruited and hired a world-class team...

From researchers and editors to video producers and publishers. We also hired an all-star software and technology staff, led by our Head of Technology, George Zhao.

Previously a Director of Technology at a $1 billion+ financial research firm, George and his team came on board and built a suite of powerful tools to help you get access to the best early-stage investment opportunities — and to help you act on this information more quickly and more easily than ever before.

Today, Wayne and I spend countless hours every month — and thousands of our own dollars — researching investment opportunities around the globe, and handpicking only the most promising deals to share with our subscribers.

But now, after spending all this effort building and fine-tuning our services, we’re ready to do something we’ve been eager to do for quite some time…

Crowdability Capstone

Crowdability Capstone is an elite service...

We’re only making it available to our most dedicated subscribers — those who recognize the value in being a part of our inner circle.

And most importantly, those who want access to our most lucrative investing opportunities, for life!

The inspiration behind Capstone is simple:

We wanted to create a new level of service — a single comprehensive membership — that would provide a subscriber everything they needed to profit from the private markets.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced private investor, or you’re brand new to this market...

Capstone will quickly get you up to speed and teach you everything you need to know. And most importantly, it will put you in a position to potentially earn enormous returns.

Simply put, with Capstone, we’ve taken our Top FOUR premium private market education and research services, and we’ve combined them into a single package.

So by joining Capstone, not only will you get access to our high-quality education materials and online classroom, but you’ll also get access to every single research report we publish on private market investing opportunities.

And what’s more — you’ll get all of this money-making information and advice for life!

I want to repeat that because it’s extremely important:

By joining Crowdability Capstone, you’ll get instant access to our top FOUR premium services (details below), and furthermore, you’ll get access to them for LIFE.

But here’s the best part:

We’ve decided to offer this lifetime service to you, right now, for far less than what it would cost you to purchase these services for just one year.

Given how much you could potentially earn with these services, that’s a tremendous savings, and an enormous value.

In just a moment, I’ll explain the details. I’ll also tell you more about some of the other exclusive benefits we’ve created for this special offer.

But first, in case you’re not familiar with our premium services, let me quickly walk you through what you’ll receive as a Capstone member…

Lifetime Access to These
FOUR Elite Services

First, you’ll receive lifetime access to the Platinum edition of The Early-Stage Playbook.

The Early-Stage Playbook is the world’s first and only online course designed for investors seeking to make money in early-stage investing.

It’s an entertaining and easy-to-understand course that teaches you, from A to Z, everything you need to know about private market investing.

This unique program shows you how to:

  • Find the most promising early-stage deals — deals like Uber, which helped its earliest investors turn every $1,000 they invested into more than $6 million
  • Set up your early-stage portfolio from scratch — for example, you’ll discover our proprietary formula for calculating exactly how much to invest into each startup deal.
  • Finally, in addition to giving you powerful tools for making money, we’ll show you a special strategy for protecting your downside and saving you money as well.

Then, in addition to full access to The Early-Stage Playbook, you’ll get unlimited access to our proprietary private “stock-screening service”...

It’s called:


CrowdabilityIQ is a highly-sophisticated, fully-automated software system. We spent nearly two years and more than $500,000 building it.

In fact, we hired a team of former Citigroup bankers and MBAs from Columbia University to help us build, back-test, and fine-tune this one-of-a-kind service.

And in the end, what we’ve built is, quite simply, revolutionary.

It’s the world’s first “stock screener” for the private markets. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can quickly discover hundreds of private investing opportunities.

You’ll have the ability to quickly weed out the riskiest investments...

And then quickly surface only the most promising deals that fit your specific investment goals.

There is literally no other piece of software like it available to individuals like you.

Normally, you’d need to work at a large Private Equity or Venture Capital fund in order to get access to technology like this...

Or you’d need to hire a team of six-figure salaried investment analysts.

But by becoming a Capstone member today, you’ll get immediate access to CrowdabilityIQ.

Furthermore, Capstone members will also receive access to our newest private market investing service...

This one is called:

Income Unlimited

Income Unlimited will give you access to under-the-radar, private market income-generating investments...

Investments that could hand you 500% to 1,000% more income than you’d earn with “traditional” yield-based investments like bonds or REITs.

In fact, as you’ll see in a moment, using just one Income Unlimited investment, you could earn as much as $5,000 per month — even if you have no money to invest at all!

Finally, on top of the Platinum version of The Early-Stage Playbook course, the CrowdabilityIQ software, and Income Unlimited...

Capstone members will also receive a subscription to our most elite “VIP” research service…

It’s called...

Private Market Profits

Private Market Profits is our most exclusive research service. In fact, since its launch, we’ve strictly capped its membership...

The reason we placed a strict limit on this service is because the explosive early-stage companies we cover can only accept a small number of investors.

So, to ensure that all of our members have the opportunity to invest in these deals, we need to limit its size. (Considering the upside potential of each opportunity we recommend, it would be a shame to miss out on even a single deal.)

Each month, we and our team evaluate dozens of potential investment opportunities — and then we select a single deal to tell you about.

For each deal, our minimum profit target for investors like you is 1,000%.

In other words, our goal for this service is to hand you investment ideas where you could make at least 10x your money.

Which is also why we’re able to command such a high price for a Private Market Profits membership.

Normally, just one year of this service costs $3,000...

However, you won’t pay anywhere near that much.

In just a moment, I’ll show you the special offer we have in store for you.

But before I do, let me tell you about a couple of other special gifts you’ll receive after you enroll in Capstone today.

In addition to the four services I just told you about, we’ve also created a new service exclusively for Capstone members.

This is a high-touch service we’re calling:

Crowdability’s Private Bulletin

It’s a brand new service. It’s never been launched to the public before.

And this service is only available to Capstone members. Other Crowdability customers — even those who own several of our other services — won’t get access to The Private Bulletin unless they become a Capstone member.

And there's an additional benefit we’re offering to Capstone members. This benefit is extremely rare in the financial publishing and research industry...

It’s something we call The Legacy Program — but before I tell you about it, let me reveal why I’m so honored to invite you to become a Crowdability Capstone member today.


I’d like you to understand something important about the invitation I’m extending to you:

We will never share this invitation with the general public.

You see, there are so few Capstone memberships available that we can only extend this invitation to a Crowdability reader like yourself.

For that reason, I respectfully ask that you do not forward this e-mail to anyone else.

But let me be clear now about exactly how many Capstone members we’re able to accept...

This Invitation is Reserved for Just 1% of Current Subscribers

You see, only one in a hundred current Crowdability members will be able to get in on this exclusive offer.

If more of our current readers — or new readers in the future — call our office asking to be a part of Capstone, we’ll have to turn them away.

We have no interest in turning down money, and we’re not trying to create an “elitist” service.

It’s just that we know two important things:

  1. Most of the profit opportunities we share with you will be too sensitive and too exclusive for us to share with many people.

    By law, and as governed by the SEC, many private companies can only raise a limited amount of money from a limited number of investors.

    And keep in mind: these aren’t like the opportunities you see in the public stock or bond markets, where you might hope to earn a small profit each year...

    These opportunities are in the private markets, which can be far more lucrative.

    In fact, multiple studies have shown that even just an average profitable private investment will generate profits of 260%...

    And again, that’s just the average. Many opportunities return far, far more.

  2. The second thing we know is this: In order to be successful in business, you need to take care of your best customers.

    You need to treat them like gold. If you do that, they’ll stick with you — and if you don’t, they won’t think twice about leaving you cold.

    For example, I recently took a vacation with my wife to South America. When we were about to take off on an overnight flight on American Airlines, we got some bad news:

    The plane’s fuel valve was stuck. Long story short: our flight was rescheduled and we missed a day of vacation.

    The thing is, American went to such great lengths to treat us well — from free overnight lodging, to tens of thousands of free miles — that I actually became a fan.

    That’s the sort of customer service we aim to deliver to our Capstone members:

    Our goal is to become your partner in your journey into the private markets.

    We’ll be here to answer your questions, and we’ll be here to help you navigate through this new sector.

    But there’s no way we could offer that level of service if we had 50,000, or even 5,000, Capstone members.

    So that’s the second reason we’re limiting the number of people who can take advantage of this offer.

    Now, obviously, limiting the size of the service means that we’ll make less money. But we’re comfortable with that...

    The truth is, Wayne and I didn’t start Crowdability just for the money…

    Don’t get me wrong. We enjoy earning a good living as much as anyone else.

    But we’ve had the good fortune to do well from the various ventures we’ve been involved in (and we continue to benefit from those ventures), so we’re able to make decisions more objectively, without being overly concerned about the monetary rewards.

But please note: it’s not just that membership is limited… your time to make a decision here is limited as well.

You see, we believe that the available Capstone memberships are going to get filled up very quickly.

Memberships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once they fill up, we’re closing this offer down (possibly for good).

But if, sometime down the road, we do eventually decide to let more readers into Capstone, we can’t guarantee the price will remain the same...

We’re already having discussions about increasing the price by as much as $2,000.

Again, our goal is to provide you with a level of unparalleled service and support. If we ever feel like we might be compromising that promise, we won’t let another member in.

So, to reiterate, the registration period for new Crowdability Capstone members will expire immediately after we reach the 1% threshold described above.

I expect to fill that 1% limit quickly.

But before I show you how to join, let’s get back to the $60,384 that I’d like to gift you in exchange for canceling your Crowdability subscription.

How and Why I’ll Essentially Pay
You $60,384 Today...

Again, when you join Crowdability Capstone you’ll get lifetime access to four of our most exclusive services.

But because of the special invitation we’re extending to you today, a lifetime of Capstone costs far less than just one year of those services.

A lifetime Capstone membership includes:

  • Our premium online coursework, The Early-Stage Playbook...
  • Our powerful stock-screening software for private companies, CrowdabilityIQ...
  • Our elite income-generating service, Income Unlimited...
  • And our ultra-profitable Private Market Profits service.

With Capstone, in your first year alone, you'll save an extraordinary $4,692...

Over five years, your savings come out to $29,444...

And over the course of 10 years...

You’ll save a massive $60,384!

That’s an amazing payday for canceling any of your existing Crowdability subscriptions.

But again, you’re going to receive more from this membership than just access to our research and education services...

Remember: you’ll also get access to our members-only Private Bulletin service and our Legacy Program.

And you’ll get another important benefit that I haven’t even mentioned yet:

As a Capstone member, you’ll also get access to our elite private investor network.

This is a professional network made up of some of the most sophisticated, successful, and well-connected private market insiders...

Insiders that will be sharing their knowledge and exclusive deal flow with you and other Capstone members on a regular basis.

It’s the equivalent of investing in the stock market and having Warren Buffett or George Soros on speed-dial. And you’ll have these folks as part of your network for life.

In fact, in just a moment, I’ll show you how membership in this network can last longer than a lifetime...

But first, let me give you more details about each of the specific services you’ll receive when you enroll in Capstone today...

Uninterrupted, Lifetime Access to:

The Early-Stage Playbook:

Everything You Need to Know
To Make Money in the
Private Markets!

When you accept this invitation to Capstone, you’ll immediately be granted lifetime access to our elite private market investing course, The Early-Stage Playbook.

Again, by enrolling in Capstone, not only will you get access to all of the current material and content in The Early-Stage Playbook, but you’ll also get access to all the upgrades and new content we add to the course — for life.

And you won’t have to pay one extra cent for these upgrades.

The Early-Stage Playbook is a fully interactive online course. It contains everything you need to know to start building a portfolio of profitable early-stage investments.

By the end of the course, you’ll know more about making money in the private markets than your friends, your family, or even your financial advisor. For example:

  • You’ll learn how you could nearly triple your money on every winning trade.
  • You’ll also learn how to use the private market to start earning 10% to 12% returns in current income.
  • We’ll even show you how a little-known tax loophole could help you double your returns overnight.

You’ll also learn some powerful risk reduction strategies. For example, you’ll learn a technique that the pros use that virtually locks in your gains in the private market.

In addition, when we add new content and custom reports, you’ll be the first to know. And as I said before, you’ll get access to that content at absolutely no additional cost.

This is important. You see, today, The Early-Stage Playbook is our least expensive service. Currently, it’s priced at just $500. But that will most certainly change as we enhance the course.

In the early days of our business, we intentionally kept the price low to attract good word of mouth. But now that the industry is maturing, we’re planning to raise the price.

Literally thousands of students have already taken our course. Let's look now to see what a few of them say about it:

“I have made several investments, and seen significant traction, which is great! Most important was the fact that I was able to avoid opportunities that looked solid initially, but filtered through the Crowdability criteria, would clearly have been bad investments. Thank you”
—Jean O, Ottawa, Canada

“Crowdability explains investing,in plain language.Through them I will keep looking for investment opportunities .”
—Luke W.

“Thanks so much for inspiring, coaching, and making so much valuable information available. Crowdability rocks! The future is looking brighter already!”
—Lloyd E. West Monroe, LA

Uninterrupted, Lifetime Access to:


Hundreds of Profit Opportunities —
For Life!

Educating yourself about the private markets is critically important...

We truly believe that you have to learn before you can earn.

But we understand that making the leap into the private markets can be daunting.

For example, even after you’ve completed The Early-Stage Playbook, you’ll still need to find and evaluate hundreds of deals each month.

That can take a lot of time — especially if you’re new to early-stage investing.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and built a sophisticated piece of software...

This software can save you hundreds of hours each month. And it can dramatically increase your chances of picking highly profitable early-stage investments.

We call it CrowdabilityIQ.

CrowdabilityIQ is easy-to-use software. It handles the time-intensive research process for you — and it does it automatically.

In just a few clicks of your mouse, it quickly helps you identify which early-stage investments have the most upside… and the least risk.

Each day, this software gathers up all the new start-up deals from across the web — in total, it crawls through ten of the best funding platforms.

Then it pulls all the details of the most promising deals right into our database.

After that, our software imports data from dozens of other sources — from LinkedIn and CrunchBase, to a number of databases operated by the SEC.

Again, doing all these tasks manually would take you hours... but with CrowdabilityIQ, they’re all done for you automatically.

In total, CrowdabilityIQ evaluates 24 different indicators. These are the exact criteria that, statistically speaking, can help us find the investments with the highest upside potential, and the least amount of risk.

Then the system automatically generates a 10-to-15 page research report on each company. You can download those reports and read through them at your convenience.

This is the same type of report that an analyst would put together for a venture capitalist or professional angel investor…

In fact, this software is so powerful, many of our venture capitalist friends and colleagues now use this software to find new investments:

For example, our friend and business Howard Lindzon actively uses CrowdabilityIQ. Howard has been investing in early stage companies for 20 years.

He was an early shareholder in startup success stories like Twitter and Uber. In fact, Howard turned every $5,000 he invested in Uber into $2 million. Here’s what he had to say about CrowdabilityIQ:

“With CrowdabilityIQ I can cover a lot more startup research. I can dive quickly into the final ideas that make the most sense based on a set of great qualifying factors. We run all our companies through CrowdabilityIQ before investing.”

And here’s what another professional user had to say — Joseph Schreifer is CEO of Agora Financial, one of the largest independent financial research companies in the world. Joe said:

“CrowdabilityIQ is an absolute must have -- it levels the playing field, giving the everyday investor an almost unfair advantage over everyone else in selecting deals.”

And here’s what another VC, Deepen Parikh had to say:

“CrowdabilityIQ is an absolute game changer! Finally, some quantifiable insights into the investment decision process for individual investors.”

CrowdabilityIQ has also gotten great feedback from the press and financial industry as a whole as well:

For example, it was featured in Forbes, MarketWatch and Yahoo Finance.

And recently, Wayne and I were invited to present CrowdabilityIQ at a closed-door meeting of some of the largest banks and research firms in the country — like JP Morgan, Morningstar and Goldman Sachs. This is us on stage here:

That’s how powerful this system is, and that’s how valuable its reports are.

Typically, professionals would pay upwards of $150,000 a year for an analyst to generate the exact same level of research.

Don’t worry, CrowdabilityIQ doesn’t cost nearly that much...

But it’s certainly not “cheap” either. A year of the service can cost upwards of $1,188.

However, if you accept our offer today and join Crowdabilty Capstone, you can take advantage of the special deal you’re learning about right now:

For about the same price as just one year of membership, you’ll get CrowdabilityIQ for life!

By your second year of membership you’ll have saved nearly $1,200... and within five years you’ll have saved $5,925.

And that’s just from your CrowdabilityIQ membership…

Your savings will be even greater when you take this next membership benefit into account...

Uninterrupted, Lifetime Access to:

Private Market Profits:

Your Chance to Earn Profits of 1,000% (or more)
in Just 30 Minutes Each Month

When we first launched Crowdability, we aimed to provide you with the education and tools you needed to be completely self-sufficient in the private markets.

We envisioned our members flipping on their computers, taking the knowledge they learned in The Early-Stage Playbook, and leveraging it to find profitable private market deals using CrowdabilityIQ.

But as it turns out, many of our members are extremely busy:

They have full-time jobs. They have families. They have other financial matters and investments to manage.

And what they told us is this:

They wanted a faster, simpler way to find highly-profitable private market opportunities.

And that’s why we created what we believe to be the most robust financial research service of its kind.

It’s called Private Market Profits. Here’s a quick summary of it:

  • With this service, we provide you with a single investment recommendation each month — a recommendation that’s simple to understand, and ready to be invested in.
  • All of our recommendations are thoroughly researched by me, Wayne, and our team of analysts, and they’re compiled into an in-depth but easy-to-read 30-to-40 page report.
  • And best of all, the minimum profit potential for each investment is at least 1,000% (and oftentimes, far more).

For example, one startup deal we shared with our readers was an investment in a tiny startup called Cruise Automation.

Well, readers who took our advice earned an amazing return — fast!

You see, just six months after we wrote about this investment, that tiny startup was acquired by General Motors for $1 billion.

In other words, in just 6 months, readers who followed our advice made 1,011% in pure profits.

That’s the equivalent of turning a small $5,000 investment into $50,000...

And a $10,000 investment into more than $100,000.

But here’s something you should keep in mind:

Because our profit targets are so high, even when they fall short, you’re still in position to earn far more than you could with stocks:

For example, Robert M. from Williamstown, MA had this to say about the last investment we sent his way: “I had a 500% return on that one investment!”

And Marie M. from Glendora, California, wrote us an email to tell us about the profits she made in just 30 days from one investment we told her about...

She said, “A few months back my first investment became Elio Motors. I made over 325% profits when Elio went public...”

And she made those profits in just 90 days!

That’s the power of investing in private market opportunities.

And that’s the power of a research service like Private Market Profits.

This is one of the first and only research services of its kind. And that’s why we charge a premium price for it.

It’s our most exclusive and expensive publication. Just one year of Private Market Profits can cost $3,000.

But just like the other services I’ve told you about, if you claim this invitation to join the Crowdability Capstone right now, you’ll get access to Private Market Profits for LIFE.

You’ll essentially save $1,500 in your very first year of membership...

$4,500 over the course of two years...

And over five years, you’ll save a whopping $17,500!

Now, that’s already a massive amount of value...

But there’s one more service we recently added to our Capstone program that I want to tell you about right now..

Uninterrupted, Lifetime Access to:

Income Unlimited:

How to Earn Double-Digit Returns
Every Month!

I’m talking about our revolutionary research service, Income Unlimited.

The goal of this service is to give you access to unconventional investment opportunities that can help you generate large, low-risk gains every single month!

Now look: if you’ve been a Crowdability reader for awhile, you’re probably familiar with us because of our research and education services around early-stage investing...

But over time, as we learned more about what keeps our readers up at night, we realized that our job wasn’t just to help you succeed at investing in startups…

Our job was to help you meet all your financial goals.

Which is why Wayne and I spent three years and nearly $500,000 researching and testing dozens of different cash flow generating strategies and investments...

Investments that could add money to your bank account on a consistent basis, whether the economy is going up or down.

For instance, one of the groundbreaking opportunities we discovered involves something we call the “No-Money-Down Investment.”

This is a strategy you can start using right away to potentially earn anywhere from $50,000 to $144,000 over the next year — without risking a dime in upfront investment capital...

In fact, many people just like you are using this strategy to earn far more than that.

For example, Scott S. from Los Angeles, CA said he’s used this strategy to earn “over $150,000 in one year...”

Dany P. from Montreal, Canada said that he’s “generated more than half a million dollars...” using this system.

And one of my old colleagues here at Crowdability has been using it to earn an extra $5,000 every month!

And when you join Capstone today and get access to Income Unlimited for life, you’ll get access to this “No Money Down” strategy, too... and much more!

For example:

  • You’ll learn how to 100x the money you’re earning in your regular savings account...
  • You’ll learn how to invest in “private bonds” where you could earn as much as 10% each year on your money, with very little risk.
  • And you’ll also discover many other “under the radar” cash producing strategies — for example, one of Matt and Wayne’s recent investments shows you how to collect as much as 17% in monthly income!

And here’s the best part...

Once you join Capstone, you’ll get access to Income Unlimited immediately...

And you’ll also get all of the other services I told you about here.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about paying extra fees, renewing your subscription, and potentially missing the latest issues and reports we make available for subscribers. And lastly…

You’ll also get access to a number of VIP Lifetime member benefits you can’t get anywhere else. (More on these special benefits in a minute).

The Most Valuable Aspect of Your
Capstone Membership

Between the money you’ll save on subscription fees and the money you’ll potentially earn from all the investment recommendations we put in front of you, it’s clear that the Crowdability Capstone offers a tremendous amount of value.

But here’s the thing: there’s another aspect to your membership that might be infinitely more valuable than anything else I’ve told you about so far. Let me explain...

If you’ve been a Crowdability reader for some time, you know that Wayne and I are big believers in the private equity markets.

We personally own stakes in over 57 start-up companies.

Most of these companies weren’t worth a dime when we originally got involved with them — but today, they’re collectively worth more than $200 million.

You should also understand that we’ve spent our entire careers working on Wall Street, or starting and growing early-stage startups.

Our involvement with startups along with our finance backgrounds have helped us develop a tremendous network. I’m talking about everyone from the entrepreneurs who run startup companies, to the professional venture capitalists who invest in them.

Our network has been the key to building our successful portfolios... and it’s been the key to earning life-changing returns.

And now, we’re giving everyday investors like you the opportunity to leverage our knowledge — and our network — to start investing in early-stage deals yourself.

We regularly tap our network for access to new opportunities...

For recommendations on companies to look into further...

And even for research help on specific companies we’re conducting due diligence on.

For example, a moment ago, I mentioned a member of our network, Howard Lindzon (you can see him in this photo with his friend, Mark Cuban from Shark Tank).

Like I mentioned earlier, on a single investment in Uber, Howard made 40,000% on his money. He basically turned every $1,000 he invested into $400,000.

And that was just one of his many successful investments.

Howard also invested in a company called Buddy Media. When Buddy Media was acquired, every $10,000 Howard had invested turned into just over $1 million.

And he did it again with his investment in LifeLock. On that deal, every $5,000 he put in turned into $660,000.

Basically, if you’d invested just $1,000 into each of Howard’s deals, you’d be sitting on $632,000 right now.

And Howard is just one of the people we rely on to help guide our research and recommendations in the private markets. We have over two dozen other active advisors that we regularly tap for advice and expertise in the private markets.

And as a member of Crowdability Capstone, you’ll have the chance to tap into this network as well.

I can’t even begin to put a price tag on the value of that network, and the value of those relationships. It’s priceless.

But now I’d like to tell you about another benefit you’ll receive when you join Capstone

You see, in addition to all of the research and education services I’ve told you about...

And on top of gaining access to our exclusive advisor network...

You’re also going to get access to something else — something very, very special...


Crowdability Private Bulletin:
Exclusively for Capstone Members

We've created something solely for Capstone members that may be the most valuable benefit we've discussed yet. It's called Crowdability’s Private Bulletin.

Essentially, after you join Crowdability Capstone, you’ll start receiving an enormous amount of educational and research content...

For example, you’ll start receiving one new lesson each week from The Early-Stage Playbook...

Then, every seven days, you’ll receive new 15-page research pieces from CrowdabilityIQ...

And finally, every month, you’ll receive a 30-to-40 page report from Private Market Profits, as well as a report from Income Unlimited about a new investment opportunity.

And that’s not even mentioning all the valuable content we publish in our daily newsletters during any given week.

The thing is, we understand that all this information might leave you feeling overwhelmed.

But our goal is to simplify your life, not make it more complicated.

And that’s why we’ve created the new Crowdability Private Bulletin service.

This service will take all the content we publish and consolidate it all into a single report that we’ll publish at the end of each week.

In a single easy-to-read e-mail, you’ll find:

  • The top technology and investing articles we publish and link to each week.
  • Every new CrowdabiltyIQ research report we publish.
  • A summary and link to every new Private Market Profits and Income Unlimited research report.
  • And a summary of any major technology news and events that occurred that week.

Essentially, The Private Bulletin is your “personal dashboard” for the private markets.

With The Private Bulletin, you’ll never miss a major development in this space again.

And you’ll stay on top of every profitable investment opportunity we uncover — and the best part is, you’ll be able to do this all in just a few minutes each week.

Normally, a service like this would cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year.

For example, another private market research service called MatterMark costs from $200 to $500 per month:

But as part of your Capstone membership, you’ll get Crowdability’s Private Bulletin at absolutely no cost.

In fact, the Private Bulletin Service is reserved strictly for Capstone members. In other words, unless you’re one of the lucky 1% of readers who secure access to Crowdability Capstone, you won’t be able to get your hands on this service, ever.


Announcing the Crowdability
Legacy Program

As we were putting the finishing touches on the Crowdability Capstone offer, one of our VIP Member Representatives proposed a breakthrough idea:

She told us about one of the questions she gets asked most frequently by Crowdability members. Simply put, it has to do with members asking if they can transfer their memberships to their children or grandchildren.

Although we don’t currently offer that benefit to lifetime members of our other service, we all agreed that it was a great idea for the Capstone package.

So we’ve decided to institute what we’re calling the Crowdability Legacy Program.

The Legacy Program allows a Capstone member to transfer his or her membership to a family member at any time.

Meaning, your children, your grandchildren, even your nieces and nephews — they’ll be granted access to The Early-Stage Playbook, CrowdablityIQ, Private Market Profits and The Crowdability Private Bulletin — for life!

And to be clear, this is another benefit we’ve added to the service at no additional cost to you.

Your Benefits Added Up:
Save $60,384

At this point, you might be wondering how much we intend to charge for this service...

But before I reveal this heavily discounted price, let me first be clear about a couple of things:

First, you must keep this offer to yourself. We’re only extending this offer to Crowdability subscribers. In fact, it’s only for those of you who’ve been subscribers for a significant period of time.

If word got out to the general public about this offer, it would crowd out longtime and loyal readers such as yourself.

Now, let’s quickly re-cap what you’ll receive by becoming a Capstone member right now...

  • You’ll receive a Platinum-level Lifetime subscription to The Early-Stage Playbook.
  • And don’t forget, your membership also includes all future course upgrades and additions — value: $499.
  • Lifetime membership to CrowdabilityIQ — value: $1,188 per year.
  • Lifetime membership to Private Market Profits — value: $3,000 per year.
  • Lifetime membership to Income Unlimited — value: $2,000 per year.
  • Exclusive subscription to Private Bulletin, a members-only bulletin on developments in the private markets and new research reports and updates value: invaluable.
  • Premium Customer Care Plan — value: over $100 per call.
  • The right to use the Legacy Program to transfer your lifetime Capstone membership to a member of your family value: priceless.

As you can see, the total measurable annual value of a Capstone membership is $6,687. And that value will keep going up as you take advantage of your membership year after year... for LIFE!

For example, in just two years, your Capstone membership would be worth roughly $12,875...

In five years, your Capstone benefits will conservatively be valued at $31,439...

And a full decade of market-beating profits, education, and research would be worth at least $62,379.

Given all this extraordinary value, we’ve decided to set the “standard rate” for Crowdability Capstone at a one-time price of $4,000.

That’s $4,000 for a lifetime of membership to all of the services I’ve told you about today.

That's a savings of $2,687 in the first year alone, and a savings of over $29,000 over the next five years.

But here’s the thing…

Today, I'm not going to charge anywhere near that much...

Why You MUST Act Right Now...

Since this is the last time we’re planning to open up Crowdability’s Capstone this year, Wayne I have decided to slash the price even further...

We’ve decided to cut the price by an additional 50%, to just $1,995.

To put that in perspective, that’s less than the cost of just one year of Private Market Profits.

This one-time payment will give you a lifetime of research and gains for:

  • Income Unlimited
  • Private Market Profits
  • CrowdabilityIQ
  • And The Early-Stage Playbook...

And you’ll never have to pay a single penny more for any of them!

In other words, over the course of 10 years, you’d save roughly $60,384!

But please remember: membership is strictly limited.

When we hit our 1% enrollment limit, you may never see that $1,995 price again. In fact, you may never see a Capstone membership at any price ever again.

You see, if we do happen to offer Capstone membership invitations again — and that's a pretty big "if" — the price could be $4,000 or higher.

So to make absolutely sure you can take advantage of the unique benefits reserved solely for Capstone members, act now and accept this $1,995 invitation.

When we hit our 1% limit, we'll study how Capstone members take advantage of the early-stage deals we feature.

If we see that deals are filling up too quickly, or we find that we’re unable to provide the high level of customer service that we’re committed to — we’ll be forced to close the doors of the Capstone forever.

So if you’ve ever wanted to subscribe to one of our premium services, but you’ve been holding off, now is the time to act.

Even if you’re on the fence, you’ll want to act now so you can secure this heavily discounted membership.

In fact, if you are on the fence, let me tell you about one more critical part of this offer that should make this decision a “no brainer” for you...

Your Complete “Satisfied and Wealthy” Guarantee:
Get Capstone Free for 30 Full Days

Since Capstone is the highest-value service that Crowdability has ever offered, it also has the most robust guarantee possible.

You’ll have one full month to decide if Capstone fits your needs and profit targets.

If it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can get a complete refund.

We’re serious about this. At any time in the first 30 days of your Capstone membership, you can ask for a refund for any reason and we’ll immediately refund 100% of your money.

Anything you receive in that 30 days is yours to keep. That includes coursework and lessons, bonus reports, research reports and recommendations — they’re all yours to keep.

So essentially, we’re offering you the chance to try out our best research and education services... along with the Private Bulletin and other services closed to non-Capstone members... for 30 days, completely free.

You might be wondering — why in the world would we do something like this?

Well, we want to make absolutely sure each and every Capstone member is 100% satisfied with this service. It’s the most elite membership program we’ve ever created, and the members who join will be among our most elite subscribers.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, it would reflect poorly on us, and on our services.

We’re eager for you to read our research and earn massive, market-crushing gains from the startup companies we recommend.

We want you to love — and profit from — Capstone so much that you look forward to transferring it one day to your most beloved family member through our Legacy Program.

And ideally, we hope you’ll tell your friends and family to come and join Crowdability as well.

If you're unsatisfied with even one aspect of the Capstone service, we don't want you to have spent your hard-earned money on it.

That's why we insist on offering this guarantee.

Why it Might Be Unwise to Wait Much Longer. . .

I cannot stress this enough: we'll be closing Capstone membership (perhaps for good) as soon as we hit our limit of 1% of existing Crowdability readers.

In fact, we might have hit that mark already. I hope you don't get turned away when you click the subscribe button below.

To lock in your membership and claim your savings, click the button below and subscribe today!

Or, if you’d prefer to speak with one of our VIP Member Representatives, simply give us a call at: 1-844-311-3191.

matt milner
Matt Milner
Crowdability, Inc.