10x Your Returns with the "Private Portfolio Makeover"

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

My head is spinning…

  • A few months ago, the Dow crashed to about 18,000. “The world is ending!”
  • Last Monday, it reached 27,000, a 50% gain. “The recovery is in full swing!”
  • Last Thursday, it dropped 2,000 points. “The sky is falling!”

What happens next? No one knows. But one thing is certain: this terrifying volatility will continue.

So if you’re tired of losing sleep, but you’re still aiming for big returns, read on…

Because today, I’m going to reveal an important project Wayne and I have been working on for some time now…

It’s something we’re calling, “The Private Portfolio Makeover.”

As you’ll see, not only could this “makeover” help you stay sane during this volatility…

But it could also increase your returns… by as much as 917%!

The “Average” Investor’s Portfolio

If you’re like most folks, you probably have a balanced investment portfolio...

Some stocks, some bonds, and maybe a REIT or two.

Historically, a portfolio like this has returned about 6% a year. Now, 6% isn’t “bad”…

But if you didn’t start investing until later in life, or if you’re still recovering from recent losses, it may not be enough for you…

You may have to delay your retirement — or worse yet, you may not be able to retire at all.

But you have an alternative, and I’m going to start sharing it with you right now:

All you need to do is put a very small piece of your portfolio somewhere new

And this tiny change could help you increase your overall returns by more than 10x.

Here’s the Secret...

If you’re a regular reader of Crowdability's newsletter, you know that, historically, startup investing — “private equity” — has trounced the stock market:

According to Cambridge Associates — an investment firm with clients like Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation — over the last 25 years, early-stage private equity has generated average annual returns of 55% per year.

55% is nearly 10x higher than the stock market average. At 55%, in 10 years, an investment of $10,000 would turn into more than $800,000.

But there’s no need to do a “full makeover” to take advantage of these returns…

By adding just a tiny bit of this asset class to your existing portfolio, you can dramatically boost your profits.

Here’s how the math works…

Private Profits by the Numbers

Let’s assume you have a portfolio worth $100,000.

If you’re earning 6% per year by investing in stocks and bonds, over 10 years, your portfolio would turn into $179,000. That’s a 79% return.

But now let’s see what happens when we add some private equity…

We’re going to keep 90% of your assets ($90,000) in stocks and bonds. And then we’ll put the remaining $10,000 into private equity.

At 6% per year, over ten years, the $90,000 would turn into $161,000.

But given the 55% historical annual returns of private equity, over 10 years, the $10,000 allocation would turn into $800,418.

So in total, your portfolio would now be worth $961,000. That’s a 961% return.

In other words, this simple “makeover” increased your overall returns dramatically — from 79%... to 961%.

Getting Started

Historically, ordinary investors like you were legally prohibited from this type of investing. Only the wealthy were allowed to take advantage of it.

But the laws recently changed. Now anyone can invest.

A new type of website makes the process of investing in startups incredibly simple. As of today, there are 51 of these sites — like Republic, WeFunder, and StartEngine.

Crowdability’s proprietary software automatically gathers only the best deals from the best platforms. This is a free service we offer. You can see those deals here anytime »

More than Just Startups

The thing is, the private markets are about a lot more than just startups....

There’s a private-market equivalent for any investment you can think of. And the private versions of these investments tend to generate far higher returns!

For example, here’s a chart that shows Private Market returns (in red) versus Public Market returns (in blue) for three different types of assets:

As you can see on the far left, private startups crush public stocks.

But there are two other private market assets you’ll want to add to your portfolio as well.

So in our next few articles, we’ll explain how to use these other assets to complete your portfolio “makeover” — and watch your profits explode.

For example, tomorrow, Wayne will introduce you to a private-market investment that can provide you with double-digit cashflow, every month.

It’s all part of your “Private Portfolio Makeover”…

So stay tuned!

Happy Investing

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner


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