$122 Million Payday for World's Worst CEO

By Crowdability, on Friday, July 29, 2016

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Twitter Tries to Explain What the Heck It Is

Do you need to tweet to use Twitter? Is Twitter a social network? A news website? Despite being familiar with the company’s name, many people still have no idea what Twitter is, or how to use it. Now Twitter is trying to explain itself »

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Evidently, women can do more with less. Last year, female entrepreneurs reported needing only half as much capital as their male counterparts to start a new business. Why the difference?

Analyst Downgrades Apple, Says It’s Peaked

Colin Gillis, a research analyst at BGC Financial, says it’s time to sell Apple. "When we ask ourselves, 'Do we see Apple gaining or losing its next $100 billion of value,' the answer is losing." Look out below »

How College Students Spend Their Days

Ever wonder what today’s college kids do all day? A recent study from The Heritage Foundation takes a look at how much time they spend sleeping, drinking and shopping, versus doing such mundane tasks as studying »

$122 Million Payday for World's Worst CEO

After Verizon’s deal to acquire Yahoo was announced on Monday, the Internet erupted in outrage that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer could collect as much as $55 million. After all, Fox Business named her one of the world’s worst CEOs. But as it turns out, the $55 million number grossly understates Mayer’s payday »


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