2019's Hottest Private Market is up 300%

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, November 21, 2019

In order to earn the most profits tomorrow, you need to be on the lookout for important “indicators” today.

Many indicators exist. But the best ones can be like a crystal ball…

They can reveal which investment sectors have the greatest profit potential in the future.

Today, I’ll introduce you to one of the most powerful indicators we follow…

And then I’ll show you exactly how to take advantage of it to boost your returns in 2020.

Profit Indicators

A few weeks ago, my colleague Lou Basenese shared an important indicator he tracks…

He uses this indicator to identify winning investments in the public stock market.

Basically, he looks for big spikes in new patent filings, and then tracks down the exact companies that are behind them.

This tells him if a certain tech or biotech company is on the verge of a big breakthrough — and in turn, if there’s about to be a big jump in its stock price.

Matt and I use a similar strategy for investments in the private market…

But instead of following patents, we follow people.

Let me explain…

Follow the Money

The savviest and most successful private market investors are called “venture capitalists” (or “VCs” for short).

VCs make their living (and it’s a very good living, indeed) by investing in early-stage, privately held startup companies.

So, if investors like you and me are looking to identify high-potential private investments, following these VCs is a great place to start.

For example, studies have proven that startups backed by VCs are 64% less likely to run out of money…

And if a startup is less likely to run out of money, it has a higher chance of success.

So, simply by following VCs into specific investments ­— and specific investment sectors — you could dramatically increase your profit potential.

Which is why, today, I’ll show you exactly where these VCs are investing right now.

A $3 Billion Indicator

According to Institutional Investor, a certain sector is currently seeing huge inflows of venture capital.

Venture investments in this sector have shot up from just $1 billion last year…

To more than $3 billion this year.

The sector?

The legal cannabis market.

If you’ve been following this market for some time, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

After all, The New York Times recently called it the “fastest-growing industry in America.”

But now, with this market expected to reach $103 billion by 2024, VCs are diving in with both feet.

Claim Your Piece of These Pot Profits

For months now, we’ve been writing to you about the profit potential in the marijuana sector.

And seeing professional VCs dive into this sector now is the kind of powerful indicator that gives us conviction — conviction that we’re focused on the right sector here.

In fact, just yesterday, we wrapped up our Investor Briefing on a groundbreaking private marijuana company that Matt and I are investing in.

If you weren’t able to attend, don’t worry…

As the legal marijuana market continues to heat up, we’re planning to feature more investments in this sector.

So keep an eye on your inbox!

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan


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