3 Cryptos Set to Soar

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, May 13, 2021

As Matt explained yesterday, we’re in the midst of a massive crypto bull market right now…

And prices are up across the board.

Bitcoin, for example, has jumped by 7.5x in just six months. And all of our research points to its price going much, much higher in the near future.

But here’s the thing:

We do NOT believe you should buy Bitcoin right now.

Why? Simple:

Because you could potentially earn bigger profits elsewhere…

How to Play This Bull Market

Matt and I have made our fair share of profits with cryptos…

We’ve traded everything from Bitcoin and Ethereum to tiny “alt coins” and ICOs, and we’ve made millions of dollars doing so.

But the fact is, there are a handful of top analysts out there who are true crypto experts.

These researchers spend 100% of their time focused on the crypto markets.

That explains why they’ve made life-changing profits here, through good markets and bad, and why they have documented long-term track records to back it all up.

And that’s why we reached out to some of them recently to get their take on how you and our other readers should navigate the current crypto market.

And as you’ll see, what they said is shocking…

“Do NOT Buy Bitcoin!”

For instance, one of the world’s leading crypto analysts is a gentleman named Nathan Batchelor.

Batchelor currently works at one of the Top 5 crypto publishing companies in the country. And his track record of predicting big crypto moves is absolutely extraordinary.

For example, late last year, when Bitcoin was trading at $8,000, Nathan predicted a massive rally. On the record, he predicted Bitcoin would hit $36,000 before year-end.

Well, if you’ve been following the crypto markets, you know that Bitcoin’s price soon hit $36,000 — and then kept rallying to more than $60,000.

Bitcoin to Hit $250,000!?

Maybe you missed out on this rally…

And maybe you’re worried that you’ve already “missed the boat.”

But according to Nathan and his team, that isn’t the case at all…

In fact, they’re predicting that Bitcoin will soon hit $250,000.

But here’s the thing:

According to Nathan and his team of analysts, if you’re looking for maximum profits, you should NOT buy Bitcoin right now.

Here’s why…

Buy This Instead

You see, Nathan and his team have made a powerful discovery in the crypto markets.

This discovery gives you the chance to grow much richer — much faster — than simply from buying Bitcoin.

In fact, what you’re about to see gives you the chance to turn every $1,000 you could make in Bitcoin...

Into an extra $13,610 in pure profits!

Said in a different way:

If Nathan’s right about bitcoin's path forward...

Every $10,000 invested into what you’re about to see 

Could grow into $590,260!

That’s half-a-million dollars in extra profits.

And it all revolves around 3 potentially explosive trades you can access right here »

Happy Investing

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan


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