A New Breakthrough for Blocked Arteries

By Crowdability, on Friday, August 14, 2015

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Driving Your Car Will Soon Be Illegal

By 2030, driving a car will be illegal. Why? Because more than 1.2 million people are killed in car accidents globally each year—and 94% of all crashes are due to human error. Self-driving cars can help fix this problem: they don’t drive drunk, don’t drive distracted and don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Drop off the key, Lee.

When to Use “Haha” versus “LOL”

Do you “LOL” to reveal your jovial side to the online masses? Or do you “haha” or even “hehe”? Facebook just published some interesting data on the many types of “written laughter.” Get your laughs here.

Pig-to-Primate Organ Transplants

A biotech company is genetically engineering pigs so that their organs might work in people. The last time a doctor transplanted a pig heart into a person, in India in 1996, he was arrested for murder. Will it be different this time?

Boosting Your Investment Odds to 50-50

William Hambrecht, a legendary venture capitalist who made early investments in Apple, Genentech, and Google, says the odds of a big hit are about one in 10. But what if you could boost your odds to 50-50, or even two out of three? Using “big data” and algorithms, that’s exactly what Hambrecht’s new firm is shooting for. Increase your odds here.

New Breakthrough for Blocked Arteries?

Within four years, swarms of microscopic robots might be used to clear blocked arteries. Scientists are forecasting that the success rate for this new technological method could reach 80% to 90%. Toss your statins here.


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