A Spoonful of this "Miracle Dust" Could Change Your Life

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Last week, we showed you some of the “winners and losers” of Trump’s trade war.

But trade wars are like a game of chess, and the tactics being used today (like tariffs, for example) are just a first move.

There’s a bigger strategy at work here — a strategy meant to return American manufacturing to its position as a global leader, and to put millions of Americans back to work.

So today, I’m going to reveal this strategy…

And then I’ll show you a specific way to profit from it.

Turning Things Around

Historically, steel has been one of America’s biggest industries.

But as our steel mills became less competitive, America started to rely on imports.

This created a vicious cycle: with less demand for U.S. steel, the titans of the industry were forced to fire workers and shut down factories.

But now the Trump administration is focused on getting this engine fired up again.

Here’s how it’s planning to do it…

A Quick Fix Could Lead to Long-Term Success

After the U.S. imposed tariffs on imported steel (from countries like China, for example), American steel suddenly seems like a bargain.

While these tariffs won’t last forever, it’s expected they’ll last long enough to get American factories humming again.

This will create new jobs, boost household income — and most importantly, it will get U.S. companies back in the habit of doing business in America.

Once that’s accomplished, the hope is that U.S. steel companies will become increasingly competitive, and will regain their position as industry leaders.

Then they can stand on their own again — in the U.S., and globally, too.

An Unfair Advantage

Against this backdrop, a number of innovative startups are emerging.

These startups are taking advantage of this unique period in America’s history…

You see, there’s a small window of time, right now, when certain young companies are being granted an almost unfair advantage in the global manufacturing industry.

Essentially, if an innovative startup can help ignite American manufacturing, the U.S. government is providing it with an opportunity to become a major player overnight.

And recently, we identified a startup that fits this exact description.

Miracle Dust

I’m referring to a tiny company creating what we call "Miracle Dust."

We call it a miracle because, in the industrial world, that’s exactly what it is:

Just one spoonful of this “dust” could cut the weight of a car by nearly 2,000 pounds…

It could help American families save thousands of dollars a year in gas costs...

And it could even help save the lives of thousands of U.S. soldiers.

Special Investor Briefing Next Week

Next week, we’d like to tell you all the details about this miracle dust.

We’ll be explaining everything in a special investor briefing.

This exclusive online briefing will take place next Thursday, November 1st, at 7PM (Eastern).

The event is free, but space is extremely limited.

To secure your spot now, click here »

Happy Investing

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner


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