A Troublemaker's Guide to Angel Investing

By Ben Schott, on Friday, January 23, 2015

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This Week’s Best Reading

The 10 Biggest VC Exits of 2014

Venture capitalists in the U.S. enjoyed nearly $50 billion in exits last year. Here's a nifty infographic showing where all the loot came from. Check it out.

"A Cross Between a Tablet and a Puppy"

The personal robot business is getting popular with investors. This company just raised more than $25 million for its cute electronic companion.

Going Where Banks Can't

One senior bank exec says he spends 75% of his time dealing with regulation. As a result, the big banks no longer have time for the little guy. See how Lending Club and others are filling the gap.

The Biggest Generalization in Start-Ups

Why do start-ups fail? Because they run out of money. "No $#%!, Sherlock!" says Charlie O'Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. In this post, Charlie addresses a shift that founders can make to prevent this disaster from happening.

A Troublemaker's Guide to Angel Investing

People who knew Dan Martell when he was young figured he'd end up in jail or in a loony bin. Instead, he's become a successful founder and angel investor. Here are his three rules for investing that have allowed him to defy expectations.

Get Clean

If you’re interested in the world’s transition to clean power, you should pay attention to the emerging market for energy storage. Here are some promising battery tech and energy storage start-ups leading the way.

Blackberry Whining for "App Neutrality"

Evidently, when Blackberry's CEO was growing up, no one taught him the lesson about life not being fair. Now he wants to make it illegal for app developers to focus solely on the Android and iOS markets. Check it out.

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