An App for Rating Humans

By Crowdability, on Friday, October 2, 2015

Generating Power—Out of Thin Air

We live in a perpetual cloud of radio frequency (RF) signals. These signals are the reason your smartphone gets coverage, and your TV receives digital broadcasts. Now a new company has figured out how to use all this RF energy to create usable electricity. Power up right here.

Selfies vs Shark Attacks: Which Are More Deadly?

The Japan Times recently reported that a tourist at the Taj Mahal passed away after falling down stairs while taking a “selfie” photograph. Selfie deaths have also been reported from hand grenade explosions and bison gorings. In fact, selfies are proving so fatal that they’re now outpacing shark attacks. Don’t say cheese.

1 Million People On Mars—And a Groovy Car to Get There

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, has famously argued that we need to put one million people on Mars to ensure the future of mankind. Now he’s saying that his electric car will soon break 620 miles on a single charge. What will he predict next?

Shaving Will Never Be the Same

A new company called Skarp Razor is aiming to replace all the blades on our razors with something a little more modern: lasers. These lasers literally melt the hair shaft right at the surface of your skin. Take Me There.

An App for Rating Humans

You can already rate everything from restaurants and hotels to movies and government agencies—so why not rate your exes, your co-workers, or the weird guy who lives next door? Now you can. 


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