Best Tech Takeover Targets

By Crowdability, on Friday, June 5, 2015

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The Dockerization of Everything

A prominent “enterprise” investor—i.e., someone who invests strictly in non-consumer companies—reveals the 12 big themes that are capturing his attention and dollars right now. Check them out here.

Doing Good, and Doing Well Better

Is there a way to do “good” as an investor without sacrificing returns? Historically, Socially Responsible Investing has been a niche market, mostly the playground of the rich who are willing to give up returns for the greater good. But now there’s a better way to do good and do well.

America’s Highest-Tech hamburger

There’s a race going on in Silicon Valley right now to build the world’s best fake-meat burger. One new entrant is a plant-based burger that bleeds like beef, chars and tastes like beef, but costs far less. Might it save the world?

Drug Dealers Give Investing Advice

A massive market bursting with profits. Aggressive competition. And an entrepreneur who’s putting it all on the line. Whether we’re talking about dealing drugs or building technology companies, the strategy to win can look eerily similar. Get the story here.

Who Threw This $200,000 Apple in the Trash?

Recently, in Northern California, a widow dropped off her deceased husband’s vintage Apple I computer at a recycling company. The company sold the machine to a private collector for $200,000. Now it wants to give the woman $100,000 of the proceeds. There’s just one problem: it doesn’t know who she is or where to find her.

Best Tech Takeover Targets

One of the hottest areas right now for investors and M&A is something called Marketing Technology. In April and May alone, there have been 25 acquisitions and 63 investments totaling $6.8 billion. Should you jump into the fray?


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