Better Than Pot Stocks?

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, May 11, 2017

It’s a rare feat to be crowned the top-performing hedge fund in the world…

But Australia-based Tribeca Global did just that in 2016.

And according to a recent report from Bloomberg, it’s all thanks to a single investing secret:

Pot stocks!

It’s true. As Bloomberg recently reported, Tribeca Global became “the world’s best-performing hedge fund” last year by making big bets on pot stocks.

But here’s the thing: there’s a different group of pot investors who performed even better.

In fact, it's estimated that they're earning 40x to 50x more than pot stock investors.

Today, I'll reveal their secret…

And then I’ll show you how to claim your share of the profits.

Three Ways NOT To Cash In

Yesterday, Matt showed you three ways to invest in the marijuana market:

First, you could invest in a “marijuana mutual fund”…

But as you learned, since most companies in these funds are just barely involved in marijuana, your upside is severely limited.

For example, the fund Matt mentioned returned 24.3% last year. Not bad — until you realize that the best performing pot stocks are returning thousands of percent.

Just look at Axim Biotechnologies (OTCMKTS: AXIM): it returned more than 2,000% last year!

The second option Matt showed you is to invest in individual pot stocks. But as you learned, that’s not much of an investment strategy, either:

You could invest in large-cap marijuana companies like GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GWPH)…

But since companies like that are already so big and highly valued, they don’t offer much upside.

On the other end of the spectrum you have penny stocks…

Penny stocks can certainly offer a lot of upside potential — but as Matt explained yesterday, they’re also highly risky.

For example, take a look at this chart from a recent Bloomberg article.

It shows 14 different pot stocks that quickly skyrocketed in value… but then cratered just as fast:


So what should you do here?

How do you maximize your upside potential, but minimize your risk?

Well, we believe we have the answer…

The Perfect Pot Investment

Some of the savviest investors are turning their backs on pot stocks…

Instead, they’re focusing on an entirely different asset class:

Private marijuana start-ups.

Take Peter Thiel, for example…

Thiel is a billionaire investor from Silicon Valley.

He was the founder of PayPal, the first investor in Facebook, and he also happens to be one of Donald Trump’s closest allies and advisors.

Well, Thiel recently led a $75 million investment into a private marijuana startup called Privateer Holdings.


Because he knows that by getting in when these companies are still private, he can virtually lock in his gains when the company goes IPO — no matter what the stock does afterwards!

Let me explain…

Guaranteed Profits

Take a look at CV Sciences (CVSI). This stock exploded in value, going from $2 per share to $147 in just two years. That’s 73.5x your money.

But then the stock quickly collapsed. Today it trades at about $0.32 per share.

If you invested at the IPO and held on, you’d be looking at an 84% loss right now.

But if you’d invested in CVSI when it was still private, you’d be sitting on a gain of 640%.

And if you’d sold when the stock was at its peak, you could have earned 2,940x your money!

That’s like turning $500 into $1.47 million — with one investment.

And that’s why interest in private pot investments is soaring.

In 2013, for example, just $13 million was placed into seven marijuana start-ups...

Fast-forward to last year…. and that number exploded to $205 million across 96 deals.

This is good news for pot start-ups — and it’s great news for you.

Let me explain...

Pot Startup Symposium

We believe the marijuana sector is at a major inflexion point…

With more and more states leaning towards legalization, it’s about to kick into high gear.

As you just learned, savvy investors looking to maximize their profits in this sector are starting to invest in marijuana companies while they’re still private start-ups…

And you should be looking at this exciting investment strategy, too.

That’s why, next week, we’ve decided to host a special Pot Startup Symposium.

This live (online) event will take place on Wednesday, May 17th at 8PM Eastern.

Registration is completely FREE — all you need to do is click here to lock in your seat now »

During this special event, not only will we teach you everything you need to know about investing in marijuana start-ups…

But we’ll introduce you to a revolutionary new medical marijuana start-up you can claim a stake in right now.

We’ll tell you more next week — but to cut to the chase, our forecasts show that this company could return anywhere from 1,000% to 23,900% on your money.

Click here to sign-up now »

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan


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