Beware: Software Could Hurt You

By Ben Schott, on Friday, February 20, 2015

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This Week’s Best Reading

Will You Be A Good Angel?

What kind of person will be a successful early-stage investor? According to Jeff Carter of Hyde Park Angels, it’s someone who understands that seed-stage investing isn’t about the numbers… it’s about the peopleRead his post here.

48 Billion-Dollar Start-Ups from The WSJ

Swimming in venture money, 48 new companies have joined The Wall Street Journal’s “Billion-Dollar Start-up Club.” Read more about them here.

Dear Silicon Valley: Here’s Your Wake-Up Call

When famed investor Henry Blodget throws a red flag about something, it’s OK to disagree with his opinion – but it’s foolish not to listen. And right now, his alarm bells are ringing about tech valuations. Here’s why.

3 Different Types of Angel Investors

Back in the day, being an “angel investor” was a fancy way of saying that a friend or family member needled you until you gave them money. But now that early-stage investing has gone mainstream, legitimate classifications of angels have started to emerge.

Top Wall Street Executive Joins The Crowdfunding Revolution

Anthony DeChellis spent his career running Wealth Management at the world’s largest banks, from UBS to Merrill Lynch. Last week, DeChellis signed on as President of OurCrowd, a prominent equity crowdfunding platform. Read why here.

Beware: Software Could Hurt You

Thanks to the software revolution, Sam Altman, the head of tech accelerator Y Combinator, got rich. So why is he freaking out that software could harm our society? See what he’s talking about here.

Are Teachers and Start-Up CEOs Interchangeable?

On the surface, the two careers couldn’t seem more different: non-profit vs. for-profit; public institution vs. free market; etc. But in many ways, running a classroom is just like running an early-stage company.

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