Charlie Rose Talks Equity Crowdfunding

By Wayne Mulligan, on Friday, March 21, 2014

This Week’s Best Reading

Realty Mogul Surpasses $100 Million in Property Value

We told you about this platform that enables individuals to invest in income-producing properties traditionally available only to professional investors. It seems to be catching on. Read about it here.

Video: “I Thought, There’s Gotta Be a Better Way”

From TechCrunch’s Founder Stories, Ryan Caldbeck of CircleUp talks about what led him to co-found the popular funding portal, and shares the most common mistakes he sees entrepreneurs make. Watch it here.

What Does it Feel Like to Invest in a Failed Start-Up?

It doesn’t feel great, but it’s a part of the business. If you can’t psychologically take the complete failure of at least one company, early-stage investing probably isn’t for you.Read more.

6 Thoughts About Equity Crowdfunding from Chris Dixon

He’s an extremely successful founder-turned-VC who Businessweek named the top tech venture capitalist in 2010. He’s excited about start-up crowdfunding, but he thinks you should keep these 6 things in mind. See what they are.

The Dumbest Words in New Media

Think you know what Tech will look like in 10 years? Let Mark Cuban set you straight.Check out this blog post.

The Bubble Question

It’s been a good time to be an early-stage investor, but people are asking if it will last. Union Square Ventures co-founder Fred Wilson thinks it will. See why here.

Bill Gates: Half of Silicon Valley Startups are Silly

But he’s not worried. Sure, Silicon Valley has become home to billion-dollar texting apps and farming games, but he tells Rolling Stone that the great ideas that emerge are going to be really important. Read the full interview.

Charlie Rose Talks Equity Crowdfunding

Jon Medved started his first venture fund out of his garage and has become one of Israel’s leading venture capitalists. In this interview with Charlie Rose, he talks about the democratization of venture capital. You know, “Kickstarter for real investors.” Watch it here.

The Middle East: A Crowdfunding Market You’ve Never Considered

You might assume that the risk-averse cultural norms and lack of freedom across much of the Middle East would make it one of the least likely places for crowdfunding to flourish. That assumption may be way off. Read why here.

Video: Hey Company Founders, First Impressions Count…

DFJ Managing Director Josh Stein talks about how he’s managed so many times to write the very first check to a brand new start-up, and what he looks for in founders. Check it out.

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