Cheating Death & Making Miracles

By Ben Schott, on Friday, November 7, 2014

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This Week’s Best Reading

Have You Downloaded Our New Free Report?

Earlier this week, Matt announced the release of our free research report, "A Chance to Earn 93% Per Year." In the report, you'll learn how to invest alongside an investor who's delivered annualized returns of nearly 100%. Download it here.

Video: Airbnb Founder Gives You A Peek Behind the Curtain 

Here's an entertaining video of founders of home-run start-ups like Airbnb and Reddit talking about how they pitched investors. Watch the video.

How Many Apps do Real People Actually Use?

Smartphone users download hundreds of apps – but when it comes right down to it, they only use a few of them. With that in mind, what can app-makers and marketers do to make theirs absolutely indispensable? Find out here.

The Two Biggest Opportunities in Crypto-Currency Today

Zavain Dar of Lux Capital says we're at an inflection point for Bitcoin and other alternative currencies. Here are the two greatest areas for innovation.

Cheating Death & Making Miracles

Most start-ups require multiple miracles to succeed. But in this article, Sam Altman of Y Combinator says the Silicon Valley network actually helps start-ups cheat death. Read more here.

The Future of Transportation 

Angel investor Joanne Wilson (the wife of legendary venture capitalist, Fred Wilson), describes her vision of the future of transportation – and in the process, gives us some exciting sectors to watch for potential investments. Read her post here.

Why ADD Can Be Good for Start-Ups

People with ADD have a low tolerance for routine tasks and seek out novelty. According to venture capitalist, Mark Suster (who happens to suffer from ADD), this can be a big positive for start-up founders. Check it out.

Start-ups Join Hunt for Ebola Treatment

Before long, Ebola will spawn the next $1 billion miracle drug. At least that's what some experts are betting on, as start-ups and big pharma alike work hard towards a breakthrough. Read more here.

Woman Crowdfunds Steep Uber Bill, Gets Run Over by Commenters

Uber has long been criticized for their market-driven pricing policies, but when a woman took to crowdfunding to help pay an Uber bill that got out of hand, she put herself in the crosshairs.

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