From Dead-End Job to $1.7 Billion Net Worth

By Crowdability, on Friday, March 6, 2015

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This Week’s Best Reading

The Ultimate Fight Club: Old School VCs Versus The Youngsters

Crowdfunding, accelerators and a rush of new funding options for entrepreneurs are forcing VCs to put up their dukes and change their style. But is it a change for good?

The Acquisition: From Ramen Noodles to Caviar

The founder of Location Labs gives an entertaining look at how his life changed after his company was acquired. His perspective might surprise you.

The Bigger, Better Internet of Things

David Mount from top-tier VC Kleiner Perkins discusses the $14 trillion "Industrial Internet" and identifies eight different categories with multi-billion dollar potential. Learn all about them here.

$2.5 Billion in Real Estate Crowdfunding in 2015

Crowdfunding for real estate is already a billion-dollar industry. As investors continue to pool their resources to buy commercial and residential properties, the sector might reach $2.5 billion this year. Read about the breakout potential.

From Dead-End Job to $1.7 Billion Net Worth

Ryan Graves went from working a dead-end job as a database administrator, to owning a stake in transportation company Uber that’s currently worth about $1.7 billion. Learn four takeaways from Ryan that you can apply to your life.

Y Combinator's Secret to Success

Accelerator program Y Combinator is where homerun start-ups like Dropbox and Airbnb got their start. For the first time, Y Combinator partner Jessica Livingston shares her unique perspective on what the secret is. Learn more.

Bigger Than Bitcoin

William Mougayar spent an entire month combing through and classifying the crypto-technology market. Bitcoin was there – but so were 400 others. He breaks it all down with this easy-to-read graph.


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