Do This One Thing Every Monday — and Boost Your Profits by 50% (or more)

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

When Wayne and I first decided to start Crowdability nearly five years ago, we ran the idea past a bunch of our Venture Capitalist (“VC”) friends.

As we explained, our goal was to teach everyone how to make money investing in start-ups.

Surprisingly, most of these VCs came back to us with a quick verdict: terrible idea.

According to these experts, only “bad” start-ups would raise money from everyday investors. The best start-ups would continue to get their seed capital from the professionals... in other words, from VCs like them.

But as you’re about to learn, these “pros” were dead wrong.

Today, we'll show you why — and we’ll also show you a simple trick...

This trick could have helped you earn big profits over the past five years — and led you to outperform these “pros” by as much as 50%.

And it all boils down to doing one simple thing:

Checking your email on Monday mornings.

Beating Stocks by 400%

Before I tell you more, let me back up for a minute…

If you’re like most folks, the main way you grow your portfolio is through the stock market.

That’s smart. After all, historically, stocks have returned about 6% to 8% a year.

The thing is, according to a prominent non-profit organization called the Kauffman Foundation, investing in start-ups has led to annual returns of 27% or more.

That’s about 400% higher!

Unfortunately, for the last 85 years or so, only wealthy “accredited” investors were legally allowed to invest in start-ups.

But in 2012, that changed…

Now Everyone Can Invest in Start-ups

In 2012, Congress passed The JOBS Act.

This new set of laws democratized early-stage investing…

Finally, everyone can invest in start-ups, regardless of their income or wealth.

And it’s working:

Start-ups are raising the capital they need to grow their business — and investors like you are reaping the financial rewards.

Let me show you what I mean.

Beat the “Pros” by 50%

Last week, SeedInvest — one of many “funding platforms” that connect investors like you to start-up deals — released its five-year returns.

Since 2013, investors on its platform have earned annual unrealized returns of 17.4%.

In other words, if you’d invested in the deals featured on SeedInvest, you could have pocketed gains of 17.4% each year.

Not only is 17.4% per year enough to double your money every few years or so — but it’s enough to outperform professional Venture Capital investors…

You see, according to research firm Cambridge Associates, over the same five-year investment period, professional U.S. Venture Capitalists earned just 11.7%.

In other words, investors like you could have beaten the “pros” by about 50%!

Do This One Thing Every Monday…

But here’s the thing:

Unless you’d been reading Crowdability, it’s not likely you knew about sites like SeedInvest... and it’s even less likely that you invested in its deals.

That’s because, without Crowdability, you’d have to keep tabs on this new market on your own.

You see, from the beginning, Wayne and I invested a great deal of time and money building special software. This software gathers the highest-quality start-up deals from all over the Internet — not just from SeedInvest, but from Republic, WeFunder, StartEngine, and many, many others — and it aggregates them into a single place.

And the best part is, every Monday morning, we send you a single email so you can see the best of these deals for yourself.

That’s why our members had the chance to earn 50% more than professional Venture Capitalists over the past five years…

And that’s why we believe new members will earn big returns, too.

Just be sure to keep an eye on your inbox Monday mornings at 11am EST.

Because now you know:

That email can deliver big returns!

Happy Investing

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner


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