Investing In Hollywood

By Wayne Mulligan, on Friday, March 28, 2014

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Crowdfunding Site CircleUp Raises $14 Million

One of the top sites for helping start-ups raise money gets a nice little injection of its own. The fresh capital underscores Silicon Valley’s excitement about crowdfunding.Read about it here.

Title III: What’s Happening Behind the Scenes

It’s been a while since we’ve seen motion around Title III of the JOBS Act -- the part that would allow all citizens to invest in start-ups. As it turns out, the action has been behind the scenes. Go behind the scenes here.

3 Rules to Make You a Smarter Investor in Start-ups

Now that start-up investing is being opened up to all, how will average Americans get past the hype to sort out the “good” start-ups from the “bad”? Find out here.

The Epic Exit: Why Mobile Start-ups are Acquired

Despite all the media attention over mobile start-ups, acquisitions are actually rare. Here’s what makes a mobile start-up appealing to the tech giants. Read more here.

Airbnb Might Soon Hit $10bn -- More Than Hyatt Hotels

According to The Wall Street Journal, the online marketplace for short-term home and apartment rentals is about to be worth more than both Wyndham and Hyatt Hotels.Here’s the story.

Facebook’s Theft: This is Why We Needed Equity Crowdfunding

A $2 billion acquisition is great for the founders of Oculus VR, but not so much for its early investors. They got a T-shirt… if they were lucky. Get the story here.

Why Facebook Spent $2 Billion on Oculus

They missed mobile gaming, but CEO Zuckerberg isn’t about to miss out on “the next big thing.” Here’s how the acquisition fits into their vision of the future. Read more here.

Not All New Companies are Start-ups

Millions of companies are started in the U.S. every year, but Paul Graham explains why not all of them are start-ups. Read the essay here.

Now You Can Invest in Hollywood

Ever dream of walking the red carpet? Thanks to one crowdfunding start-up, now you can back Hollywood’s next big blockbuster right alongside veteran producers and film financiers. Here’s how.

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