Finally — The Perfect Pot Investment

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Yesterday, you learned what we believe makes for a “perfect” pot investment.

As my colleague Lou explained, instead of investing in overvalued large-cap stocks…

Or “gambling” on penny pot stocks…

The most predictable way to make a fortune in this sector is to invest in private pot startups.

This is the one marijuana-related investment that’s consistently turning regular investors like you into “marijuana millionaires.”

Today, I’ll explain everything you need to know about this investment option…

And more importantly, I’ll tell you about a private pot startup you can invest in right now.

The Perfect Pot Investment

As you’ve learned over the past two weeks, pot stocks — both large and small — are extremely volatile. Frankly, they’re too risky.

That’s why so many professional investors today are focusing elsewhere:

Private marijuana startups.

Take Peter Thiel, for example. Thiel is a billionaire investor from Silicon Valley. He’s the founder of PayPal, the first investor in Facebook, and an advisor to the White House.

Thiel recently led a $75 million investment into a private marijuana startup called Privateer Holdings. Why?

Because he knows that by getting in when these companies are still private, he can virtually lock in his gains when the company IPOs — no matter what the stock does afterwards.

Guaranteed Profits?

To show you what I mean, look at CV Sciences (CVSI).

When the cannabis market started heating up, this San Diego-based pot stock exploded in value. In two years, it went from $2 per share to $147. That’s 73.5x your money.

But then, just like so many other pot stocks, it collapsed. Now it trades for just $1.70 per share. So if you’d invested at the top, you’d be looking at a 99% loss right now.

But check this out:

If you’d invested in CVSI when it was private, instead of a sitting on a huge lose right now, you’d be sitting on a huge gain

Even with this stock in the gutter, you’d still be looking at a profit of 3,400%.

In other words, by getting into CV Sciences when it was private, not only would you have completely protected your downside…

But you’d have made a fortune.

And by the way, if you’d sold your shares when the stock was at its peak, you could have earned even more — you’d have made more than 2,940x your money.

That’s like turning $500 into $1.47 million — with one investment.

Soaring Investments in Private Pot Startups

Returns like this help explain why private pot investments are red-hot right now.

In 2013, for example, just $13 million was invested into marijuana startups.

In 2016, that number soared to $205 million.

But recently, these investments have exploded:

According to Business Insider, between 2018 and 2019, professional venture capitalists poured $3.5 billion into cannabis startups.

This is good news for pot startups — and it’s great news for you.

Let me explain...

The Private Loophole

As Lou told you yesterday, opportunities to invest in private marijuana companies are rarely publicized.

Venture capitalists typically gobble up all the shares before investors like you even get a look. In fact, until recently, it was illegal for ordinary investors to get involved in private companies at all.

But thanks to a simple and secure loophole that our team uncovered, you now have the chance today to invest in an extraordinary private marijuana company.

This investment can help you capture the upside of the entire legal cannabis market in the U.S.:

  • Medical marijuana and recreational usage.
  • Wholesale and retail.
  • And cannabis activity across the entire country, from Massachusetts to California.

Simply put, this company’s proprietary technology could give you access to billions of dollars in marijuana transactions.

That’s why we believe this single deal could hand you profits of 24,724% or more.

And if you’re a member of Private Market Profits, you’ll be learning about this investment opportunity next week…

So keep an eye on your inbox!

Happy Investing

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner

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