For the Biggest Marijuana Profits, Use This Simple Chart

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Last week, we revealed a strategy that can consistently lead you to 500% to 5,000% returns.

Its secret can be found in this chart:


This is the 3-Phase market cycle that every emerging industry follows.

And if you know how to use it, investors like you can find limitless profit opportunities.

But here’s the thing: one particular Phase in this chart can lead you to the biggest profits…

And today I’ll show you how to find these profit opportunities in one of the most exciting new sectors in recent history:

The Marijuana Market.

First, Excitement Runs Wild

As you might recall, Phase 1 of any cycle is when a new market comes bursting to life.

With excitement running wild, there’s plenty of room to make huge profits.

For example, in Phase 1 for crypto-currencies, Bitcoin quickly shot up 20,000%...

And in Phase 1 for marijuana, you could have multiplied your money many times over — sometimes in just hours — with public companies like AmeriCann (ACAN) and MariMed (MRMD).

But since Phase 1 gains are based on hype rather than fundamentals, these high-flyers crash just as fast as they skyrocket…

And if you don’t get out in time, you’ll get burned!

Thankfully, the next two phases of a cycle offer us more time — and far more profit potential.

A Different Kind of Boom

You see, in the next two phases, a different kind of investment boom takes shape…

A boom based on fundamentals.

In Phase 2, companies develop the "tracks" that the future "profit train" will run on.

For example, as the Internet sector started to emerge in the 1990s, hardware companies like Cisco Systems (CSCO) built the foundation and infrastructure that enabled the Internet’s future growth.

And by creating this infrastructure, not only do these “enabling” companies deliver huge returns to their investors…

But they lay the foundation for even bigger profits in Phase 3…

Mainstream Adoption

Phase 3 of any emerging market cycle is when mainstream adoption finally takes off.

This is when a new sector’s iconic brands emerge. With massive revenues and profits, these companies become the “800-pound gorillas” of their industries.

And this is where investors like you can make a fortune.

Let me show you what I mean…

Phase 3 Profits

For starters, consider Google (NYSE: GOOG.)

Google wasn’t the first Internet search engine — in fact, it was the 15th!

But after hyped-up Phase 1 search engines like AltaVista and AskJeeves fell off a cliff, Google became the category leader — and it remains so to this day.

With a global market share of roughly 85%, its annual revenues now exceed $136 billion.

And that explains why early investors have pocketed gains of 2,130% (and counting).


It’s a similar story for Netflix (NYSE: NFLX)…

Thanks to companies like Cisco that built the Internet’s infrastructure, streaming services like Netflix could finally exist — and “binge-watching” could finally emerge as a global pastime.

Meanwhile, Netflix has delivered investment profits of 6,831% so far.


And it’s the same thing with Apple (NYSE: AAPL).

Apple released its MP3 player years after Phase 1 competitors like MPMan, Rio, and Creative Labs.

But the Apple iPod gradually took hold as the industry leader, and so have Apple iPhones.

This leadership role has paid off handsomely for investors…

Since the introduction of the iPod in 2001, AAPL shares are up a staggering 13,704%.


Phase 3 Marijuana Profits

Phase 3 investors can be rewarded with outrageous profits.

But if you missed out on the investments we covered today, no need to worry…

As you’ve learned over the past week, every emerging industry follows the same 3-step cycle.

And it’s not too late to make a fortune in one of the most explosive sectors of our time:

The marijuana market.

So stay tuned…

Because tomorrow we’ll show you the types of profits you could earn by investing in Phase 3 marijuana companies!

Happy Investing.

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner


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