Four Tech Investing Predictions for 2015

By Ben Schott, on Friday, December 5, 2014

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This Week’s Best Reading

The “On-Demand” Economy By The Numbers

A whopping 17 million guests have stayed in Airbnb accommodations since 2008. There are 34,000+ active investors currently on AngelList. And you won't believe how many times a day the average person checks their smartphone.

Video: Surviving the Start-Up Life

Successful early-stage investor Jerry Colonna (investor in Twitter, among others) is now a highly-respected CEO “Coach.” In this video, he shares how a start-up founder can achieve success without destroying his or her business, family and sanity. Watch it here.

Are Higher Angel Investing Thresholds a Mistake?

Yes. But feel free to read arguments for both sides and make up your own mind here. (But still, the answer is “yes.”)

The Hackers Are Winning… Join Them

The hackers appear to be winning. The result: consumers and companies are thinking long and hard about cybersecurity. And so are Silicon Valley’s sharpest investors. Read more here.

Four Tech Investing Predictions for 2015

Really? Another list? Yup. And we think it’s worth a look. Boris Wertz of Version One Ventures shares his thoughts on what's coming for Bitcoin, Virtual Reality, mobile apps, and ‘dynamic accelerators.’ Check it out here.

The Future of Education (Not Really a Rant)

We were excited to call this piece by "Gotham Gal" Joanne Wilson a “rant” – but it’s far too well reasoned for that. See how the prominent angel investor argues we should fix the U.S. educational system to keep pace with technological innovation here.

Bonus Post: Weird Cat, Plus 6 Common Angel Investing Questions

If you're a new angel investor, you've probably got some questions: How often will I be updated on my investment? How do I know if my investment is appreciating? And where can I see gifs of Britney Spears and a weird cat on the same page?

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