High Times for Pot Investments?

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, May 26, 2016

Over the coming years, very few sectors are expected to grow at triple-digit rates...

But a major exception seems to be the marijuana industry.

By 2020, industry analysts at Ackrell Capital predict that the market for legal marijuana will grow by more than 500%—making it a $25 billion market.

And for investors, there’s just one way to take advantage of this explosive trend...

Pot Stocks

Before we show you how to do that, it’s important to understand why your investment options are so limited.

For one thing, marijuana—even medical marijuana—is still illegal at the federal level.

At the moment, only 24 states have legalized marijuana for medical use.

Because of the legal issues, and because the industry is so new, your investment options here are limited:

You could invest in some of the small pink-sheet companies—but we wouldn’t advise that. And there aren’t any big, publicly traded pot stocks yet.

Private Pot Leads The Way

That being said, the number of “off-market” marijuana investments is growing…

Specifically, investments in marijuana-related start-ups.

In 2014, roughly 63 marijuana start-ups were funded by private investors.

In 2015, that number exploded to 98—that’s a 50% increase from just a year earlier.

And total dollars raised exceeded $295 million—that’s up 300% from 2014.

Private investors figure that because legalization at the federal level is inevitable, making calculated bets while these companies are still private (and cheap) makes a lot of sense.

After marijuana becomes legal in this country and these investments start to pay off, investors stand to make many, many times their money.

How You Can Cash in On These “High Times” Too

Normally, you’d be forced to sit on the sidelines as these early private investors set themselves up for big gains.

But thanks to The JOBS Act, that’s all changed.

Now you, too, can invest in these companies when they’re just getting off the ground—while they’re still private.

In fact, one of these start-ups is raising money from investors like you right now.

It’s called NextRX.

Pot Stock Profits

NextRX produces a loyalty and rewards program for marijuana clubs.

It’s like the points programs offered by the airlines, or retailers like Target:

Members receive a membership card, and the more they buy, the more points they earn. The company also provides various services and technology, including a solution to provide patients with secure digital registration.

NextRX charges a fee to marijuana clubs for these services.

To be clear, we’re not recommending this company. But we are showing you how quickly things have changed.

Just a few months ago you, you were forced to sit on the sidelines as the medical marijuana trend passed you by.

Today, you can invest in promising, private early-stage companies that might return many times your money.

You can learn more about NextRX here »

Happy investing.

Please note: Crowdability has no relationship with NextRX, or with any of the companies or platforms we write about. Crowdability is an independent provider of education, information and research on start-ups and alternative investments.

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan


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