How Much Do Start-Up Founders Make?

By Ben Schott, on Friday, May 30, 2014

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This Week’s Best Reading

Look Who’s Cheerleading for Equity Crowdfunding!

This guy believes the next decade will go down as "the decade of funding.” And he’s aiming to be a big player on the scene. Who is it?

5 Super-Successful Tech Pivots

One of the most important qualities of a start-up founder is his ability to change course when his initial idea isn’t working. Here are 5 start-ups that live by the "Fail Fast, Pivot Faster" credo.

What's Behind Apple's Acquisition of Beats?

Dr. Dre just “got his money right,” but people are wondering how the heck Beats is worth $3 billion. To make sense of the deal, Edward Aten of CopThis says to stop looking at Beats and start looking at the war Apple’s waging against Android.

Most Silicon Valley Start-Ups Will Fail

The Silicon Valley of the popular imagination is defined by larger-than-life success stories. As it turns out, those are the outliers. According to new data, three in four startups go nowhere. Another 21 percent get acquired by a larger company. That leaves just 4 percent with the chance to “go big.” Read about it here.

Why Are U.K. Start-Ups Thriving?

Simple: U.K. regulators have moved faster than their U.S. counterparts when it comes to crowdfunding. Meanwhile, stateside, where the pioneering spirit supposedly reigns, we're still waiting. Get the story here.

How Much Money Do Start-Up Founders Make?

Come on, we know you're curious. How much do startup founders pay themselves? Satisfy your curiosity here.

Snapchat's CEO is an Ass

What do we always say? “Invest in the founder.” We wonder how the VCs backing Snapchat are feeling after this lovely writeup…

How Did This Start-Up Land Mega VC Funding?

You've heard of Pinterest, Fab and Uber. But rounding out the list of the top 10 venture capital deals of 2013 is a name you’ve never seen. What is it?

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