How to Receive Free Crypto — Every Week!

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, September 26, 2019

Imagine going to sleep at night — and waking up the next morning to find free crypto coins sitting in your account.

Your new coins are worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you can do anything you want with them.

You pinch yourself to see if you’re still asleep. But this is no dream. It’s 100% real.

Over the past two years, this exact scenario has happened several times to me and Matt, and it’s also happened to thousands of crypto investors like you.

Today, we’ll explain how millions of dollars in free coins end up in people's accounts…

And then we’ll show you how to get some of these crypto profits for yourself!

“Free Lottery Tickets”

The concept of free cryptos might sound too good to be true.

You might even think there’s a catch to it, or that it’s a scam.

But it’s completely legitimate. In fact, it even has a name:

It’s known as an airdrop.

An airdrop is when a crypto company gives away small amounts of its tokens. It basically “drops” them into investors’ accounts.

CNBC recently released a report on airdrops and called them “free lottery tickets.”

But why would companies just give away their coins?

Why Airdrops Make Dollars and Sense

At first blush, giving away tokens seems to make little sense.

But for the crypto companies behind them, airdrops have proven to be a successful business strategy.

You see, putting coins in people's hands stimulates trading activity…

And the more activity there is, the more attention investors pay to that coin.

If they like what they see, they’ll end up buying more of it, which increases trading activity even further — and thus, demand for that crypto goes up.

The thing is, because many cryptos have a limited supply, an increase in demand leads to an increase in price.

And for airdrop recipients, higher prices mean higher profits!

$323,833 in Free Crypto

Airdrop recipients can often make a great deal of money.

For example, in November 2017, Sugar Exchange (SGR) conducted an airdrop. At the time, its token was trading at just $0.06.


Just one month after completing its AirDrop, its price shot up to more than $1.00 — that’s a 1,600% move in just one month.

That’s a fantastic return, but we’ve made even more than that. For instance, two years ago, we received hundreds of free tokens in a crypto called TRON (TRX).

At the time, TRX was trading for just $0.0025 — that’s one-quarter of one-cent.

But thanks to the success of its airdrop, TRX shot up to $0.25 just 45 days later.


That’s a 10,000% gain in less than two months.

And these gains can add up to real money…

For example, from one recent airdrop, we made $323,833.

You see, a short time ago, anyone who owned Bitcoin (BTC) was entitled to an airdrop in a new crypto called Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Basically, for every BTC coin they owned, investors would receive one BCH coin.

And as the price of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash skyrocketed, our stake in Bitcoin Cash soared to $323,833.

That’s $323,833 that we received, essentially for free!

How to Get Your Hands on Future Airdrops

To be fair, not every airdrop turns out to be quite so successful.

In fact, the airdrops of many new cryptos fall flat and end up going to zero.

But when it works, it’s free money. So, in our opinion, it’s worth putting a little time and effort into.

If you’d like to keep tabs on upcoming airdrops — and learn how to participate in them yourself — start by visiting the following websites:

Happy airdropping!

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan



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