How to Survive the 2020 Recession

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, September 27, 2018

Did you see this announcement from Matt yesterday?

If not, it’s very important that you read today’s article and then click that link.

You see, as Matt explained yesterday, some of the smartest money on Wall Street is predicting a major recession in 2020. Some are comparing it to the Great Depression.

If you’re retired, or if you’re getting close to retirement, this is a serious problem. If the market crashes and it doesn’t recover for years, what are you going to do?

Well, today, I’m going to show how you to steer clear of this recession — and then I’ll show you to take care of your financial future without the stock market.

What You Need for a Comfortable Retirement

According to Business Insider, a comfortable retirement requires a nest egg of at least $1 million.

But as multiple studies have shown, the majority of Americans gearing up for retirement have far less than $50,000.

To try and solve this problem, most people “follow the crowd.” They dump whatever they can scrape together into the stock market and hope for the best.

But that’s not a strategy — especially when we’re on the cusp of a recession, and when the market could literally crash at any time.

But as Matt explained yesterday, other solutions exist…

You just need to know where to look.

Get in Early

Specifically, you need to identify investments that offer above-average returns… and investments that can “zig” when the stock market “zags.”

As one example, you could invest in early-stage private startups.

Research has shown that a diversified portfolio of startups can return 55% per year, regardless of what the stock market is doing.

At 55% per year, a $10,000 nest egg turns into more than $1 million in about 10 years.

Then there are private bonds and private real estate investments…

If you know where to look, you can find investments like this with double-digit yields — 10%, 12%, or even more — many of which pay out monthly cash.

In today’s world, good luck getting yields like that with REITs or public bonds.

And because these investments have such high returns, allocating even a small amount towards them can dramatically increase the profits of your entire portfolio.

In fact, according to a CNBC report, adding private investments to your portfolio gives you “an easy way to nearly double the… return that your 401(k) is generating.”

Easy, right?

Not so fast…

The One Thing Holding You Back from $1 Million

I’d love to tell you that you’ll make millions from your first couple of private investments…

But you can’t just invest in a couple of deals and expect to get rich.

Sure, your first investment could become the next Google or the next Facebook… or maybe you’ll turn $10,000 or so into $1 million, like we just did with crypto-currencies.

But you can’t count on that. For example, to earn those 55% annual returns we mentioned earlier, you need to build a portfolio of dozens of startups.

To do that, you’ll need someone to guide you…

Someone with experience and with a proven track record of success in these markets.

Your Private Market Guide

If you wanted to invest in stocks and bonds, you’d call your broker.

But your broker can’t help you with the private markets.

You see, all of the opportunities we’ve been telling you about today — start-ups, private bonds, crypto-currencies, etc. — they’re considered “off-market” investments.

And because of that, your broker can’t buy them on your behalf. In fact, since they’ve never had access to these investments before, they wouldn’t even be able to evaluate them.

That’s why Matt and I founded Crowdability. Our mission is to help individual investors like you successfully navigate — and profit them — the private markets.

That’s why we’re so excited about the announcement Matt made yesterday…

You see, we just announced that for the first time in our company’s history, we’ve created a program to give you access to ALL of our private market research and investment recommendations — for life!

To see all the details about this program, click here »

Or, if you’d like to speak to our VIP Member Concierge team, you can either:

Our office hours are 9am to 5pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

But I do need to warn you, this opportunity won’t be available for much longer.

We’ve set a strict limit of just 500 people joining this new program. Once we hit that limit, we’re shutting it down, possibly for good.

So click here or call us now — we look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan



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