"I Had a One-Night Stand With a Robot"

By Crowdability, on Friday, January 12, 2018

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Classified Government Spy Satellite Goes Missing

SpaceX just launched a rocket containing a top secret U.S. spy satellite. The mission appeared to be going to plan — until the billion-dollar satellite disappeared. Read more here »

Uber Makes Switch to Self-Flying Helicopters

If self-driving cars make you nervous, just imagine a self-flying helicopter. It’s being developed for Uber, the multi-billion-dollar transportation company. The question is: would you feel safe in one? »

This Man Is Trapped in Outer Space

Three weeks after arriving at the International Space Station, a Japanese astronaut grew a staggering 3.5 inches. Now, he might be too tall to fit into the vehicle prepared to take him back to Earth. What happened? »

[PHOTO] A Picture So Stunning, It “Has To Be Fake”

It took several months of planning, some tricky flying skills and a little bit of luck. But photographer Mark Holtzman captured a breathtaking image of a stealth bomber. Here’s how he did it »

“I Had a One-Night Stand With a Robot”

A man tried everything he could to fall asleep: reading books, taking a hot shower, even counting sheep. Then he discovered the key to a good night’s rest: sleeping with a robot. Sweet dreams »


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